Sask-Edm game

Just got back from the game.

A few notes:

Both Johnson and Jyles looked better than Kahari Jones. Jones was constantly overthrowing receivers. He also had one sure touchdown but he didn’t put any zip on the ball and the Saskatchewan db caught up to it to knock it down. Johnson looked good and should make for a decent back-up to Ricky Ray. His stats would have been better except for a couple dropped balls.

I’m not as concerned about the Rider kicking game as I once was. Congi kicked a 52 yarder (with the wind) and had room to spare. Although he did miss a 37 yarder. Pikula hit a 37 yarder, but missed on a 47 yarder (short, with the wind) that he got to rekick because of a Edm penalty. Pikula seems to be accurate though. The punting game also looked decent, not great though.

I would be surprised if Rocky Butler wasn’t the Riders third qb. He looked alright out there and also had a few nice play-action plays that kept the defence on their toes.

The Riders winning means nothing to me, since a lot of starters on both teams didn’t play. Dominguez sat out, and Armstead and Joseph only played a few series. On the Edmonton side, Ray sat out and Tucker was knocked out of the game on the first play by a huge hit by Omarr Morgan. He was standing on the sidelines after and looked in alright condition.

Also, instant replay was used. Edmonton had two challenges and lost them both (if I remember correctly).

I caught a bit of the beginning and end of the game on the radio. I just heard that Jason Tucker IS okay, he just had to get some stiches on his lip. Maciocia was high on Khari Jones all week claiming that he is in control of the 2nd string qb role. However, that better change after today, it sounds like he played pretty badly, and his stats agree with this. He SHOULD be cut before next friday IMO. RB Ron McClendon"Goldie" played a bad game and dropped a few balls, will probably be cut. Apparently Ray will get a bit of game-time next week.

On the saskatchewan side, all I paid attention to and can comment on is that 52 yarder one of your rookie kickers made. Kicking doesn't seem to be a problem for you know.

I only caught the first half on the radio and some of the 3rd Quarter, and it may be that Jones might be the one to get cut in Edmonton,IMO.

On the Sask side, a player with the name Shabazz was mentioned often,he might be a keeper. My concern is with Joseph, although he played only a few series , I would think he needs to play at least the 1st half of the next game to round into form. I think the kicking game will ok, keep one guy to punt and the other to placekick. If they concentrate on a specialty they might improve as the season goes along.

I agree with you roughy, it would make sense to keep Butler around as our 3rd QB. I will relent on one thing, however, with LeFall being injured and out for one year, it might be an idea to sign Montford for insurance on the Dline.

Thanks for the info. Jones has looked
bad all camp, unlike my man Danny Mac.

Shabazz didn't look that great. He knocked down a ball in the endzone, but it was the play I mentioned before. He was beat by about two yards and if Jones throws a better ball it's good for 6 points.

I caught a bit of the 5th quarter over the internet. Danny Barret sounds good. Congrats to the Riders.

Other notes:

The crowd was announced at 25,514 but it looked like less.

Edm. punter, Robbie Williams, looked really good. He hung the ball up nicely allowing his special team tacklers to get down the field.

robbie williams, the terrible british pop singer?

i went to the game :slight_smile: ya i didnt like the kicking game... stats will be out because of the wind :roll: a few drop passes and the hit in the first quarter in the 1st play :rockin: WOW :cowboy: only preseason :wink: some of our recievers went long and look good, just catch the ball :lol: lol

No hard feelings, but I just wanted to point out that his name is actually Rodney Williams.

roughyfan----> i do believe you mean Rodney Williams. He is a former NFL Punter with the Cleveland Browns and i forget who the other team was.
I think Khari did ok... He has obviously been 1,000 times better than he was today. I didnt feel like he was getting enough time from his o-line to be honest with you...

I thought I heard Robbie Williams over the loudspeaker, but you guys are right it is Rodney.

Apparently he kicked a 90 yard punt on monday night football back in 2001 when he was playing with the new york giants.

Yeah, He has a very strong leg...

im thinking he will be cut, hes american and flemming is canadian so right there ridney has to be heads and tails better then sean. but rodney cant kick fieldgoals as good as sean so i dotn see us taking on a field goal kicker, and a american kicoff man and punter. so rodney will be cut

The only way I'd see the esks keeping Williams, is if we don't add import Raleigh Roundtree to the roster on the o-line(which probably won't happen). I bet we'll see Rodney Williams placed on the 7 man developmental roster though.

how did KJ do?

Overall a lackluster game. Morgan just about took Tuckers head off. Hope he is ok.

Kept expected President Bartlett to show up everytime I heard Toby Zieglers name mentioned! He had a few good efforts. Edmonton had some booming punts but they tended to over kick the coverage. KJ did not have a great game.

Butler look improved for the Riders. Shabazz seemed to do well on defence and Bracey looks like a good power back. Congi looks like a possible keeper as a kicker. Liked his effort going after the returner on the one play.

The next game in Edmonton should give both teams a better sense of what is what. I understand that the Riders plan to do a number of cuts over the next few days.

read my initial post in this topic for that answer.

One other note on the game -- there was a video replay challenge by the Eskimos-- in the 3rd quarter I believe, they challenged a catch by a Rider receiver-- the question was wether the ball had hit the ground before the catch was made, and after the review was done , the call stood as it was called on the field.