Sask. Coach Corey Chamblin “Meows�? Ticats !!

Sask. Coach Corey Chamblin “Meows? Ticats in the locker room after they beat the Ticats.

TSN has a video about it, CFL News and Notes: July 24. click below.

That’s it?


You’d think that Career killer Chamblin would be more mature than that. What a dork lol

As I said about the Chris Williams episode, you respect your opponent because you never know what’s going to happen down the road.

I very much doubt Chamblin is going to see the same team this Saturday that he saw at the beginning of the season.

He may live to regret his recent bout of immaturity and unprofessional behaviour by the end of that evening.

I hope we smash them this Sat and teach him a lesson about respecting your opponent. The guy should have a little respect for a club who allowed him to go be a head coach.

Oh come on people. Such indignation over a Meow.

Heaven forbid anything negative is said about the oh so great Riders

Well, I doubt it’s a question of respect.

Not quite sure if others in his position would not do the same. Let’s face it - Chamblin was probably really ticked off that he wasn’t chosen as a head coach. Yeah - I understand you don’t move an Assistant Coach to a Head position after only a couple years. Look at Cortez - 35+ years, and only now as a H/C.
But Chamblin was brought in with high credentials, & prob. thought he had enough know-how to be the top honcho.
Time will tell about that - but you really can’t blame him …

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Tigers or Cats

Fantuz’s return to Regina certainly headlines the week 5 matchup, but Saskatchewan head coach Corey Chamblin and his post-game comments after beating Hamilton in Week 1 have certainly caught some attention.

Chamblin, captured by a TSN camera, addressed his team after the win: “We said it was either going to be what? Some Tigers or some Cats…Meow.?

One might think Hamilton will enter Saturday’s rematch with their Tiger claws out.

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Hamilton is not rookie coach friendly :lol:

We must be some pretty ferocious cats.

Chamblin learned the same lesson Chris Williams did :slight_smile: Nice job by Hamilton’s offense last night :thup:

Meow this!!!