Sask @ Calgary

Hate both teams. Can they both lose? :lol:

At this point I would probably take a tie :lol:

Calgary should win, but Durant being back gives me a slight shimmer of hope. All that being said there hasn’t really been one dominant Western team this year. Calgary has won a couple of games they really didn’t play very well in.

If a Nichols led Bombers team can beat the Eskimo’s on the road, there’s hope for anyone

Well crap Crapigna is hurt. Johnny Mark has been added last minute.

And Van Gyslwyk is seriously injured??? Jones more kickers on his team than anyone else in the league!! :roll:

Well, with the BC winning, the outcome of this game doesn't matter much. Edmonton will likely stay 4th.

Thank goodness the larks are so bad - Hamilton can't sit any worse than 3rd in the east but IF they had shown up to play last night they could have had first with a win! :frowning:

No stand out teams this season. Ottawa was looking good but have lost two straight.

True - there's lots of parity in the league this year for the most part and I expect that the Riders will eventually get their act together. Rome wasn't built in a day

Well the Riders have surpassed their total from last week.

Wish I was at that game, looks beautiful out in Calgary.

Lotta teams this season are going for two, especially when it doesn't matter, like Saskatchewan on that last drive. Not a fan. It's become a gimmick.

Off topic: Can't wait to see Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn! wub

They didn’t need to do much to exceed that score! :wink: :lol:

I'm surprised that guys like Burris and Ray aren't on the consecutive games with a TD list.

That was the first 2 point attempt this season by Sask, and likely in large part to the injury to Crapigna.

BC and Montreal as well we're going for the 2 points quite a bit. To be fair to Sask, Calgary did regularly go for the 2 pointers last season so I guess they're anticipating that they'll continue although I haven't noticed it so much since Dickenson took over.

I meant the whole league. Two point converts seem to be up across the league this season.

Some horrific coverage on both TD catches so far. I think I could have gotten open on those plays :lol:

That was a beauty. Calgary up 10-6.

Horses pick up their first TD of the night to re-take the lead.

Can we give Kendial Lawrence back to the Eskimos?