Sask @ Calgary

So the important question for this game is ...

How many yards does Messam get?

I say 145 and 2 TDs ... before he's benched in the 4th with a huge lead on the scoreboard. Oh, and that doesn't include his receiving damage.

Riders are going to get absolutely destroyed in this game.

Calgary may use more of a 2 running back tandem attack too. I'll say Messam gets around 88 yards.

He's fresh off 2 byes and I'm not so sure that Huf is happy with the production from Walter as his ypc is significantly lower than Cornish's. I expect to see a heavy dose of Messam. Although I'm sure that they will attack the soft zone early (like everyone else does) and build up a 10 or 14 point lead before pounding big Mess right over that front.

19-3 Calgary in the 2nd Quarter

I'm glad smith got up from that dirty cheap shot.

Yea, there's way too many BS shots taken place all season all over the field. Hope next season this crap is cleaned up, every season of late is getting worse.
29-10 Calgary at the half

Hits like that will no doubt show up again during the court case regarding concussions. The league simply has not done enough to take those kind of hits out of the game. At the very lest a helmet led head shot should be an automatic toss from the game with review - the way it is now its a worthwhile price to take a 15yard penalty to throw a QB off game and get them running each play.

Yes that WAS NASTY! Penalty assessed on the play and very possibly a fine to come this week but it doesn't seem enough if it knocks out your QB (or any other player for that matter).

I see that it didn't take the Riders long to give Messam's #33 away! - to another RB! :lol:

Looks like we get to see how Price does in this half.

Same player - second roughing the passer call this game. So much for coaches taking a stand about dirty play from their own players

I would have thought by the wide lead they have that Huffy would have benched the guy after the second call.

Price not looking nearly as accurate as Smith. Of course Smith has had more playing time too which would be a factor.

Good call - you cant grab from behind - even if its just the jersey. Riders are playing with little intensity. One would think they would be playing for their jobs instead of playing out the season

The all white road jersey and such doesn't look right, I remember back in 1969 at Old Empire the Riders looked sharp - green helmet, white jersey and green pants. All us kids had a great time sitting on the grass behind the north end zone back in those days.
36-10 Calgary at the end of the 3rd Quarter.

Green (#1) better watch his temper or he'll find himself tossed out!

First time I saw the all white Riders was week 1 of the 2012 season in Hamilton and all I could think of was that they reminded me of the Storm Troopers in Star Wars!

That was painful to watch - and even more painful to listen to the TSN crew lol.

Next year cant come soon enough for Rider fans. The highlight of the game was Messams comments impromptu style mid game - very classy and proffessional

Wow , Rider Board of Directors

Got to bring in professional people to operate this team and keep them in Regina for a long time - you have at your grasp - some of the best fan support in any professional league - a new state of the art stadium soon - excellent press coverage .
Your management groups and Grey Cup wins has been the worst in the league of any teams in CFLs overall history .
People of Sasakatchewan deserve much more in the years to come , compared to what has been offered.
Yes , there are many excuses that can be used for the past 75 years and lack of championships , but I'm starting to believe this team has been systematically run like an old boys high school club.

Today's game is evident that these players (not all) just don't care or are show casing for something else , or no scouting

I love the CFL brand of football and support it greatly , but today I even had to turn off the TV , this was again very poor pro - ball

I didn't see the game as I had to work and no TV or radio allowed,
looks like I made a wise choice and went to work.
did Price even play this game as there are no stats for him this week or last on CFL game tracker ?

Team was shut down at trade deadline. It's conducting tryouts... Sad but that's the best thing they can do to improve for next year. Evaluate everything they have a and move forward.

I don't have much sympathy for a team that has constantly exceeded the league's spending limit and purchased a Grey Cup by backloading contracts.

Nice to see the Rider d showed up again today :roll: .

So glad I didn't watch the game