Sask-Cal Game-It's Payback Time

It's payback time Burris. No not for leaving (that's free agency which I do understand) but for making my long trip to Calgary so forgettable.

For dashing my hopes of a game long Rider fans party at McMahon stadium.

For making it painful to watch a CFL game that I wanted to love so much.

For the mocking jeers Calgary fans gave me after the game was over on the red mile (which were all in fun).

For making me put a CFL game so far back in the nether regions of my mind it sits between the image of R&W greased up and the image of a naked Kathy Bates.

For making me lose a bet on the game so bad I handed my money over in the second quarter.

It's payback time Burris, tomorrow the Riders get their revenge.

i hope calgary rips them apart.....and in the process, you get to hear.............TOUCHDOWN BURRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope your trip is shorter this Sunday, because results gonna
be the same. Sorry!

Its nice to say the results are going to be the same but, why?
Are you stating this cuz you dont like saskatchewan or because you think there are certain parts of Calgary's Team that allow them to beat us. I appreciate your opinon but help me out why are we going to get blown out again?
We got Blown out by Montreal eariler this year then later in the year we were only one play away from winnning.

I ask you again why are we going to get blown out again? What will be the determining factors?

Eskylo's not too bright, so don't sweat it!

No sweat here. Just hoping to get some info on what others think will happen. It's nicce to get that info before the game starts. Cuz once the game is over everybody is all like...... I knew that would happen or why did they call that play and so on and so fourth.

intellegent people woulda had a reason to say such things.....eskylo doesnt fall in that catagory.

..........roughy, you are correct, next to a speedo wearing greased-up me a naked Kathy Bates would be positively HOT I tell you.........HOT.........

.......#5in89, it was a taunt dude, a taunt........which when spewed out doesn't nessecarily require much in the way of logical backing.....hence, no reasons offered by Ylo.......

.......but here is some reasons why Calgary might win.....I say might because I think Sask will prevail, but one never knows eh?........look at Toronto's bare-a$$ spanking of the Als today........

a) Our defensive backfield will make Crandell's passing game tough to administer, especially if the LBs can put some pressure on Marcus, if Sask wants to counter this the running game will need to be the go-to way of moving the ball,
b) If Burris can connect to Copeland/Lewis/Ralph/Allen early enough it should quiet the 13th man,
c) Special teams, as a rookie DeAngelis should be opening a clinic for half of the rest of the CFL kickers this year, including McCallum,
d) lastly, NO PRESSURE TO WIN..........really, we can be loose and just go out and play, we are expected to lose to an arguably better team who needs to play BIG in front of their home crowd and for the standings, we're the underdog and that's a comfy place to be........

.........hope that, er, helps.....

GO STAMPS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just a note on the Special teams point you made redwhite. I don't see either kicker putting on any kind of clinic tomorrow. The U of S Huskie vs U of R Rams game was played in Taylor Feild today, and I will tell you the wind was swirly. both kickers did horrible. I will admit the Huskie kicker isn't all that great anyways, but the Ram kicker has hit a 49 yarder this year. Its getting cold in the praries, and I think that will play a factor tomorrow

Good lukc to both teams, and may the Riders not need it.

Go Riders Go

........yar, tis getting blustery in the flatlands these days.......them trees in me backyard are a'leanin to port........

THE BOYS are back in town........GO STAMPS GO!

Why is every non rider fanatic cheering for the stamps in this one? Am I missing something? As an Esk fan I'm undecided cause I dont know which team I'd rather see in the west playoffs (semi or otherwise), but It's always hard seeing Calgary win.

i think its cuz we want a battle of alberta in the playoffs....rather than a rematch of last years playoffs

You want reasons, my good man r&w just gave you plenty.

The main point and focus i feel will be to stop the run and
force Crandell into passing. If we can do that, i like our chances.

Either way expect a good game, just like the main event should be.

Right my little drummer boy?? pa rum pa pa pa. LOL

Battle of Alberta, eh? I'll look that up...LOL
Ya OK That is always fun
But the RIders have been so annoying lately, and they beat us last year. it would be nice to seal them up. Ah, whoever wins it will be fun!

13.5 hrs to kick-off, Burris is having a restless sleep because he knows what he put 12000 of my fellow Rider fans through, he knows he is going to pay. 13.5 hrs to the boos reign down and the Riders light Burris up like a Christmas tree. Like the saying goes Burris; Payback's a B!tch!!!!!

R&W, (every time I type that I think of A&W, weird hey?) if Calgary wins out, and Edmonton loses to BC next week, wouldn't Calgary finish in second place? They might be thinking about that, and putting some pressure on themselves.... I know that making the playoffs is a huge improvement over the past couple years, but I remember this off-season with all the signings, it seemed like everybody was talking Grey Cup, not "we're gonna make the playoffs".

But I do agree, there is more pressure on the Riders to win at home, especially since the stamps have a game in hand with the same # of wins.