Sask beats Winnipeg!!!

yeah tonight i watched the whoel game, when sask dominated the game...42-15. Ther was alot og good plays by Corey Holmes and Matt Dominguez and Nealon Greene!!

Whoop de freaking doo. You beat the Bombers. That's quite the accomplishment. :roll:

yeah actually i am proud. even if it was just the bombers it doesn't matter. every game won helps. and besides the riders have lost the past five games to the bombers.

Well said. Let's look at it the other way, too. If we didn't beat the Bombers, it would have been a terrible sign for the Riders. The blowout seems to reflect that perhaps we are, indeed, in the upper ranks of the CFL, as opposed to the lower half. We'll see what the next few games reveal, but it was definitely a good start.

And it's nice to get that winless streak against the BBs off our back.

It's more of an accomplishment than you guys beating Ottawa.
And it may be more of an accomplishment than BEATING you guys last year in the West semi final.

[i agree that it was a very good start to the season.

I don't care who the hell we beat everyone played very well and it was a team win and that is what i wanted to see. I thought we played extremly well considering it was Nealon's first game in 2 years and the first game of the season.

so true

ya I have to say Nealon looked pretty poised standing in the pocket. He wasn't thinking run right away. He was letting the play develop, and if run was the best option then he would take it. He really impressed me, I think he will have a stong season for us.
P.S Notice, he didn't turn the ball over or hurt us mentally like another QB we all know.

COUGHBurrisCOUGH guys are like a broken record.........useless and always skipping to the same tune.........week 4 you'll be crying for nealon's head in a basket and Crandell the Savior signs will be all over TF..........

I agree ! The joke is the Rider fans.

Please don't say all of us rider fans will, i know you may hgave only meant the previous posters, because i'll stand by Nealon, unless he throws a McManus Interception season.

I do apologize!

That game was horrible and hard to watch.

Not to mention the attendance was dismal. Come on Rider fans, support your team!

So maybe the Riders won't be in the basement, they'll just be second last, after Winnipeg.

Sucks to be a Rider fan.

it does not suck to be a rider fan...the rifer fans are some of the most supportive cfl team fans i know

it does not suck to be a rider fan!! Rider fans are very suppotiv eof their team, evertime i haev ent to a game or see it on tv htere are always lots of fans...and they will no tfinish second last especially not after winnipeg...they r way better than winnipeg!!!

Wasn't a whole lot of people because there was crazy lightning and shit man. I was driving home to go get rainwear because my family and i were just driving back from Saskatoon so we are on the number 1 highways and boom a big lightning bolt strikes (biggest i've ever seen) and all of a sudden a lightpost beside us blows up, then we look in the rear view mirrior and we see this transformer blowing up, it blew up about 5 times in different colours of red, purple, green, and a light blue. There is your reason for the lack of people, and yes what redwhite2005 is thinking, the lack of people also COULD have been because of the two pre-season losses, you never know :lol: