Sask @ BC

Does the guarantee pay off? :o

I can guarantee there will be no tie.

Quick 3-0 BC in this one. I hope Kevin Glenn feels the pressure of the guarantee, he hasn't done well historically in big games.

We are getting the second game today! We ain't leaving the lounge, more wings more beer. Chief,more questions I'm sure!

The Riders are absolutely terrible against the blitz. Why they don't have more quick throws on an obvious blitz I don't know.

Well crap, don't punt it to Brown. Tim Brown 10, Saskatchewan 0

Damn. Brown just burned the Riders big time. The guarantee is looking pretty good so far. :o

The return game is alive and well in the CFL!
What kind of guarantee have you guys got?

BC Lions President has guaranteed a win or else everyone in attendance gets another free ticket.

Go Lions!!!

my 2nd favourite team! (whoever is beating SSK or TOR) hahahahah.

A 10 yard gain is a great play by Elimimian? The fawning has begun already.

The run game should be improved with Kilgore back at MLB for the Riders.

I said before that I'm not a fan of guarantees because they often backfire, but it sounds like the BC President just did it for fun, like when I bet my avatar in the Sask/Winnipeg game. I didn't have a horse in the race, I just did it to add some fun to the game.

Also, nice moves by Glenn and great catch by Taylor. :thup:

Rider ST coverage has been pretty suspect the past few weeks...yikes

Potentially expensive "fun" :lol:

This looks like it is going to be a fast interesting game!
Right now there are three TVs with CFL game and three with NFL and they are side by side, great way to really see the differences.
One comment so far, the CFL TV commercials are not long enough to get to the mens room and back.

:lol: No doubt.

Man, how did Bazzie miss that sack? Come on.

D lineman always tackle so high, he went right over top of him.

Sounds like you are reporting live from Football Nirvana!! :smiley:

Only the second quarter and already this "feels" like the western final.