Sask @ BC

And here's the HD-stream for those also watching online; this is the actual TSN feed too not ESPN3:

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Let's go BC...time for a win!

17-0 BC........Oh my, how the mighty have indeed fallen. C'mon me SOMETHING.

Much like the atmosphere at my home (my wife is a Rider fan), it's pretty quiet in here...

Looks like SSK deserves BC's record!!!

Lulay is threading the needle down the middle, but took the sack on that play. McCallum fieldgoal 20-3 Lions

On the sidelines…Arland Bruce in Lions garb. Should be something else when he AND Simon are on the field together.

This is a freebie for the Lions.
The Riders are making a bad team look good.

The offense can't sustain a drive, which means the Defense will be completely gassed by midway through the 3rd. That's on Doug Berry. BC's defense is sending pressure to a spot, and, surprise surprise, they find Durant standing there. Berry needs to roll Durant out of the pocket, and use Dressler's speed to the outside to give some new looks/wrinkles. Berry got lucky against Mtl, but seems incapable of learning lessons.

I say bring in Dave Dickenson, or really, Bozo the Clown would do, but lose Berry. He is every bit as bad as Jim Daly was last year.

Combine that with the fact that Graham seems incapable of covering anything out on the corner, and this does not look good.

Nice to see Clermont making some plays. I would have sat Getzlaf instead of him to start the game.

TD looked good. Now the D has GOT to hold them. Not even a field goal guys.

A 20 -10 defecit actually favours SSK... its a flattering score

It hasn't been a particularly flattering game for either team. BC definitely deserves to be in the lead thus far.

I'm interested to know what the tv ratings will be for this game. Very late time slot out east, and not exactly the flagship teams of the cfl this year. Hopefully a few die-hards stay tuned in

Come on BC, I want 7 staright VGCC wins!

Getzlaf makes one tough catch, and then drops 2 easy ones that hit him in the hands.

I think he's going through the same thing that plagued Fantuz in his sophomore season. A couple of games off helped Fantuz, and look at the results. I think the same strategy might help Getz the same way.

BC looks like a much more determined team in this one. Not on that INT tbough.

Wow. Was Dressler supposed to be the holder on the FG kick or was someone else sleeping at the wheel? And the FG kick proceeds to bounce of the uprights out and not in. The Riders finding another way to get the wrong number of players on the field.

WOW! what a horrible throw Lulay. Think first man.

Typical sloppy, lazy BC football is back late in the game...

BC is letting Sask hang around just close enough....Are very lucky its still 20-11 and not 20-16.

and the idiotic play calling is back. Just when it was starting to look ok.

Whats with Johnson tonight? I'm wondering if he isn't hurt. They said earlier he didn't practice for the first couple of days this week.