Sask-BC Aug 2nd - Analysis

It's halftime.

  1. Good call to go for it on 3rd and goal ... and I'd say that even if they didn't make it. 'Cause Austin needs to send a message that there are no holds barred. Hope it wasn't a factor that Congi has been struggling on chip shots lately ... but it probably was in Austin's mind.

  2. Both reviewed called - refs made the right calls in MHO ... unfortunately for sask since they both went against them.

  3. Great for Fantuz - not big yards but big catches

  4. D's doing pretty good, but I am a bit dissappointed that BC got through for a TD - was hoping that J. Jackson would have no reason to have confidence early. Got to hand it to P. Jackson though - very good catches. Not much pass rush the whole half.

  5. O's doing pretty good, but same thing - wish they would bury BC in their injured state. Kinda concerned that we are only just competing when BC is down - we can't say that we are better than them even if we win because we all must admit that BC would be better with a few of their key injuries mended.

That's all for now.

Well, it's over. Good work, Green guys!

It was a well-controlled game by Sask. Not spectacular but we got the job done. I think the game plan was well-designed for a battered BC team.

But please fellow Rider fans (other than Turkeybend, whom everyone will expect this of anyways!), don't make stupid statements like we are on the way to the GC or that we are unquestionably the best team - let the team speak for us!


Thirded, or whatever the hell the third person says. Anyway, YAY! We needed this. Toronto should be easy, but who knows. I mean Allen's hurt,Bishop's hurt, and McMahon isn't all that great, and does anyone expect Butler to do anything spectacular? Anyway hopefully next week too, but let's enjoy 2nd while we got it and see what happens from here.

Was nice to win. They left alot on the table offensively too. Congi missed a tap in, and Joseph overthrough 2 wide open dudes at BC's 30 on consecutive drives.

In a warped way it's comforting they can win at less than perfect. And our D is killer. Neck and neck with TO for tops in the league.

What did I tell you? There goes Turkeybend again :slight_smile: , starting provocative threads (see CFL main forum). Good thing he has a reputation for doing these things in jest so it's okay! :wink:

Good to see a team effort. MD and Cates were monsters on offense. D bent but didn't break. Hopefully the Riders take this attitude to T.O. next week and show no mercy against the boatmen.

Full credit to Riders. Riders looked good and congrats on the game. As a Lions fan, a little frustrating to watch with a sputtering Lions O. Riders took advantage of the Lions mistakes and beat the Lions. See you in Sept.

Good post and good OBJECTIVE analysis Leaglebeagle. Both defenses played well, but your offense outplayed our Offense and the Riders deserved full marks for the win.

Don't worry about Turkeybend, I have a big sack of salt because I know I will need lots and lots of grains when he is around! :wink: :wink:

I think BC deserves lots of credit for the effort last night... Not a lot of teams would be able to hang around like they did with all the missing personal.. Looking forward to the rematch with Buck...

Am I the only one that thought the reffing was absolutly horrible? Again! The calls were terrible for both teams both ways.

Anyways . . . I was glad to see the Defence hold up.
Glad to see the Riders get some offence going against BC's strong D.
Glad that J. Jackson was kept in check, despite making some very good throws.
Glad to see the Riders ONE game behind 1st place BC.

Thryllin, what didn't you like? I was on the losing end, and I thought each team had an Iffy PI call. Other than that nothing jumped out at me. Did I doze off last night for a while?

Maybe I was just being too critical. I always think they just call bad Interference calls and miss offsides. I could be stressing myself out unesscessarily.

A I wrong or . . . . If you catch the ball and your oppenent is touching you then your knee hits the ground the play stops at the knee hitting the ground? Or is the play still going for a few seconds after the knee hits?

If your knee touches the ground after an opposition player touches you (even the most minor contact counts), the play should be whistled down immediately upon the knee contacting the ground.
If your knees were on the ground, and a player was touching you as you made the reception, the catch would count, but the play would be immediately dead.