Sask at Toronto

last week I was sure we would beat Calgary and make a statement that we are a team that could contend. Well we all know what happened. This week I am not so confident but will still predict a Rider victory. Toronto's D has a few key guys out so I think our O will be successful moving the ball. Our D needs to stop Corey Boyd and get pressure on Cleo Lemon early.
Will there be changes even if we win - I sure hope so. Go Riders Go!!!!

I really REALLY hate to say this, but a loss might actually be whats best for the team.

If we win, or even contend in a close one, a lot of jobs will become safe. Jobs that, in my opinion, as well as others, shouldn't be safe.

I would happily trade one loss in August for 3-4 wins in Sept and Oct. And I honestly think that's what changes could mean...3-4 wins which we wouldn't have had otherwise. The difference between 4-14 and missing the playoffs to 8-10 or even 7-11 and likely making the playoffs.

If the opportunity for changes that could lead to those extra wins is missed because of a win today, then I would take the loss.

This is, of course, only speculation and opinion, so take it as such. But I, for one, am pretty conflicted on what I want out of today's game.

I totally agree with you and am also torn about what would be best for the team in the long run. But on the other hand we beat TO and BC twice we are guaranteed a playoff spot - so I am hoping for a win. One would hope that the decisions with regard to coaches have already been made and that replacements are available and that the game does not have a bearing on whether we get a new OC or DC.

I never want them to lose. I honestly think the team is good enough they just have to learn to win again. Also remember that a win does not guarantee that anyone keeps their job, just ask Roy Shivers.

sometimes it is better for a team if they lose and the changes are made.

Unless we start winning 5-6 in a row, (which I doubt) we cannot improve a lot without some adjustments.

The Riders are the CFL's castoffs right now. Taman got the boot from the Peg. Marshall has been rejected year over year for a Head Coach position. Berry got fired in the Peg. Hall got the door in Edmonton. Dyce got the toss from the Peg. Burrato got the hook from the Ticats. And we're just talking about the coaching staff.

Just sayin. :cowboy:

I knew 2011 would be tough with a possible drop off after 2 Grey Cup appearances. This game is one the Riders should be able to win. Hope things improve up there in Ontario this evening although I appreciate the 730PM Eastern time start. (Those BC road games leave me very tired the next day after Rider Rountable ends at 3AM EDT)

Toronto has 73 points against in the last 2 games and we can't even get ONE!! I'll be shocked if there are any significant changes. Hope I'm wrong but I have a feeling they'll find a "nobody" to fire and then say they made changes.

With the way they looked in the first half, they have no chance to win this game. There is ZERO energy or drive; they are totally disfunctional. Atrocious effort. They have no interest in even being on the field. Hughes and Ford are the only 2 players that showed positive energy out there; everyone else is just going through the motions. Very disappointing…

total inefficiency at half. I am liking that the strings seem to be cut on DD a bit. the blocking on that turnover on downs....just wow....horrid. Berry seems to be doing not too bad at this point, the Riders are simply not executing, ie punt return called back. I do like that they have been moving the ball out of deep in their own end...the only saving grace thus far.

D is just gaping holes, penalties and sloppy tackling

ahhhh holding on a beautiful catch early in the 3rd. but a gorgeous play on 2nd and a mile. The Riders have not been able to buy a break in this game...perhaps those will come late.

Berry...why don't you call like this more often. Good movement, ball is going who knows where, DD is mobile. Oh...And i am liking that Nunn is none...Hill is the thrill.

The commentators are nailing it though...effort is plan is

i agree with your quote on the castoffs except for hall he might not be right for a head coach job but he is perfect for where he is at in sask he has proven that for many years

Those missed FGs are starting to really hurt.

wow...they really can not get a break. on that int if they called it roughing the passer it is 1st down riders. instead, it is unnecessary roughness and TO ball.
Penalties, no breaks, and bad execution.

looks like ignoring Getz last game helped. He is catching, then looking down field.

What a move by Robinson on hat TD!

I was shocked DD did not take off on the last play there. Where was that execution all game

no doubt.

there were some bad calls against the riders some not callled on to and the missed field goals should have been diff finnish

give an example of these calls. I thought it was good reffing. I am sure there was a hold or 2 missed...there is a hold on almost every play.
Having a holding penalty while the ball is in the air when receiving a punt summed up the Riders tonight

Looks like you got your wish. Now sit back and see...... Nothing happen.

Man its frustrating posting on this site now!