Sask at Edmonton

All I have to say is this, after one game watched and now this game via radio I have this observation. Last season, we had top O with Glenn , special teams played damn good, but our D sucked.

This year, our O has done nothing, or special teams are allowing big returns and our D still sucks, thanks Chris Jones, you gutted this team now all 3 phases suck. I can only hope once we start the season that we see mass improvement... but right now, all I see is more losses piling up, not impressed, and it appears Chiles is our new Getz.. seems to drop a lot of balls, I could go on but why!! not looking good right now yes it was a lets see who can play, but not many seem to want to play. todays play.... :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I am going to wait until/after the Toronto game to post my insight.

It's hard to give any feedback of the game when the game isn't on TV. From what I gather the game was close in the first half, and Edmonton pulled away in the second once both teams went to their backups.

It sounds like Durant was rusty. That is to be expected when he hasn't really played in a year and a half. It sounds like they had some nice drives but penalties or turnovers hurt them. That will hopefully be cleaned up as the season goes along.

As it looks right now running back is still a big question mark. Steele I guess dropped a few passes and their backs couldn't really break free. I'd like to see them start Cobb over Steele and have Walter get some touches in there as well.

As I said before, I expect a slow start. Probably 2-4 somewhere in there and would expect the team to improve as the season goes on. They'll be 8-10 to 10-8 (somewhere in that range) and should make the playoffs this season.

Tough to say a lot with any certainty when it wasn't on TV but...

  • sounded like the pushing 2 years of rust on Durant showed but that he looked better as things progressed...not shocking. Still think he should have had some looks in the first game...even if nominal
  • Chiles should probably be released, but won't be...I think it is a mistake keeping him.
  • Chambers will be just as frustrating with drops as Getz was
  • I think the fears many/most had at RB are real...granted the Esks have one of the better DLs
  • Steele should probably not be around but won't be cut....mistake. I do believe he will be playing for his job the first few weeks though.
  • Dyer....want to see more of him for sure
  • Smith getting sat and then put back in seemed to be a good thing. Sounded like it did well for him. He struggled late when the 3rds were in on the OL...who wouldnt
  • Coleman...did he play himself out of second? Did he play himself out of a job?
  • The QBs brought in are "meh" thus far...Simms shows some promise.
  • I would be watching like a hawk for Franklin...JSJ could be trade bait.
  • Jones at LB....this was surprising...didn't sound like he had a good game at all...was it play calling, bad play, or great O...tough to tell
  • Brooks was picked on and shockingly lost...a lot...I will chalk that up to a bad day.....because he is pretty solid generally.
  • Picton stepping in at C seemed to do alright for first action there...big concern obviously
  • Collins may have played himself onto the roster
  • Francis likely locked down Safety
  • Cox was a bubble player. I was hoping he would step up because I have liked him in camp. Sounds like he did.
  • Kick coverage was horrific...but it is preseason and that is a lot of bodies to get on the same I won't read too much into that
  • I've said it before...I think JC was a better OC...but McAdoo is still only a couple seasons time will tell

Really sounds like a lot more was answered in this game than the last...ant that is good. The scary thing for the Riders has to be that 2 of its staples on D did not do well...and of course what happens at Center. QB situation is scary. I think a couple vets who don't deserve it are going to stick.

PS...Glad Getz had a good game. Hope he can keep that leg good and have a great season.

They'll be lucky damn lucky to be 2-4. The only way this club makes post season is if Willy gets hurt, and even then they have to deal with BC.

The starting d looked good last week and held the Edmonton o to 12 points in the first half this week (10 if you don't count singles against the defense). Edmonton pulled away with a long run for a td against the number 2s. It's pre season but from what I saw and heard this d should be pretty darn good.

Offensively they'll be fine with Durant in there. If he gets hurt they might be in trouble. Coleman and Sims both have very good arms. I think they will be ok once they get used to the wider field and figure out what they can and can't throw. That will take time.

Is Coleman even going to stick? If they keep him because " he shows poise in the pocket" while Smith gets the boot because he has happy feet. Well I think they will regret it. Sure Smith needs to mature both on the field and off but he is only 23 Coleman is 27 so really is that really a potential starter for when Durant packs it in? . Yeah Coleman may looked poised as he throws yet another costly pick but so freaking what? Yes Smith has not done himself any favors but the kid does not quit even when he messes up he shows he can go back in and make things happen. The kid plays with so much and yes too much emotion but he shows he has a fire in his belly and most times that isn't a bad thing. Sims I'm not sold on simply because he is badly out of shape. If he can show he has the drive (which I doubt) to lose the gut and be able to at least scramble a bit then fine, see what he has then, but I doubt he has the ambition to do it.

My gut says Coleman is gone, but the fact Smith had to be pulled yesteday may have ruined that. Guess we will find out in a couple of hours

My guess is all 4 qbs stick with one going to the PR.

fair assumption. Too many question marks to not do that really. I think the only way that does not happen is if a QB is released from somewhere and they bite.

The expectations for this Rider Team are "Extremely" high to say the least. The crappy season last year compounds these expectations.
Having said that, I had hoped for a better showing in BOTH Preseason games.
See what happens when the "real season" begins. :cowboy:

I guess my point about Smith is it would be a shame if they turf him because he hasn't shown the maturity of a vet. I think it is easy to forget that Smith is still very young and raw but he has shown signs at times of getting it right. He seems to have the physical ability to be successful now they need to work on the mental side more. Yes he is quick to pull the ball and run but again being so young he lacks the experience of a vet of reading defenses and getting the ball out quickly, when he doesn't see an obvious target immediately then he starts to get antsy which results in him relying on what he knows he can do and that is run. If they can be patient enough to let him make some mistakes without nailing him to the cross every time and when he comes off the field instead of blasting him JJ should be taking him to the side and ask him what he saw out there and what was his thinking when he made the mistake. Like I said though Smith needs to mature more and not freak out when things go bad. If he can not control his temper then yes he may have to go but I would not let one or two incidences be the straw that broke the camel's back.

I remember when Durant started he also relied heavily on his running abilities and yes he took flak for it. Many fans didn't think he would ever become a good passer. As Durant matured and started to learn patience when heat was on then he started to find open targets. That though did not happen in the first or probably most of the second season he was the starter. So realistically to expect Smith to be able to stand in there is being a bit unfair to him.

Yes Coleman also may be able to read defenses in time too but that is the difference between him and Smith, as I said Smith is 23 and Coleman is 27 or 28 so his window of opportunity is much smaller, I mean it would be harder to invest 2-3 seasons in Coleman to get it right and be 30ish then it would be to spend that time on Smith who would be only 25-26 and just coming into his prime.

That is my take on it anyways. I guess we will see if Jones and Murphy are the great developers of players that everyone says they are or if they just wash their hands of Smith because he isn't starter material today.

I think some expectations are pretty high for some, this is a full rebuild and building for the future, while hopefully being competitive now. I have said before that I though 8 wins and fighting for a playoff spot was achievable. I also think the season is going to start with a lot of woes. This is basically a full new D and it is going to take shuffling pieces to make it all work. I mean, they just traded for a CB today. Calgary's projected starter is coming over because he was beat out in camp. I rather liked a couple of the guys they had back there, namely Cox and Dixon, but it is an area where depth is probably a good thing to start out, because the personnel is likely to shuffle a lot.

Totally agree with Smith. Like I said before...I question if Coleman played himself out of a job. To me it sounded like Sims read the D extremely well, stood in the pocket and delivered...but pressed double coverage in the endzone...hard to fault that in the limited action he has had. Coleman sounded to be a lot better in the 2nd game but still struggled on the long ball. Smith seemed to play well once he was yanked and returned...if that is the Smith that can show up more often then he has a future perhaps. I don't even mind the tucking and running that concern is when he dances in the pocket and the OL draws a penalty...they can only contain that for a few seconds. The difference DD had when younger and doing similar is that he moved the pocket or rolled out to avoid pressure while looking down field...even if he was trigger shy at times...Smith stays in it dancing around and seemingly watching the pressure and not down field....that is where he needs to evolve, but there are times where he lets it all go that he looks like a totally different QB...and that is what is promising...totally agree with you.

I will be very surprised if Chiles stays, seen and heard nothing but drop balls from him, Collins sounded like he made some nice grabs, Cobb I hope is our starter at RB. not fond of Langford or staford. we need a good backup QB, don't think one is in this group, sorry to say even Smith does not look good. First game will tell the tale, not expecting much this season, maybe another blow out again, time will tell.

Looks like Brett Smith got cut as did Denmark.

Lol so much for what I have heard about Jones and Murph developing players. Not shocked just really disappointed. Coleman will be a turn over feast for the opposition. God help us if Durant goes down. If he does we won't win 3 games this year.

My bet is Smith will get a look somewhere else, possibly winnipeg , I also bet we will be looking back at this as a huge mistake. I would say more but would get banned. I will leave it at just so unimpressed with Jones not seeing past the end of his nose. Not shocked though and he is living up exactly to my expectations. Meanwhile the Pillsbury dough boy is going on the IR. Lol probably pulled a groin reaching for the doughnuts. What a joke.

Thanks Brett for all your hard efforts and sorry to see you go.

Well, the Riders have Quality practice time ahead to get ready for Toronto. I'm happy with Coleman being #2 QB., clean up/tune up his reads and most importantly eliminate the interceptions and he will prosper. On the other hand - QB Tajh Boyd is available, perhaps he will get a look.

Quality practice time? It's a bye week and I think the CBA states that there will be no practices or even meetings during that time period. If that is the case then they get one week to prep for Toronto like the rest of the teams get to prepair for their next game. So no there is no more "quality practice time" then any other team has. Coleman did jack except throw 5 yards completions, anything more then that and he was off target. What ever, if Jones thinks we can gamble on Durant staying healthy and if he doesn't then put in Mr pick 6 then fine. We will see how many are still drinking the Jones town cool aid then.

What makes you think Brett Smith would fare any better?

As for Murphy and Jones Murphy has found some very good talent as has Jones.