Sask at Edmonton

Well I liked that.
Zabransky picked up his level alot more than I thought was possible at this stage in his development. I found it interesting that he seemed to be more accurate when scrambling than when set up in the pocket. Miles ahead of last game for him.
As for Porter-WOW-this guy is gooooooooooood, only 2 games (or 3?) but I like this kid.
Kevin Strasser is impressing me for the most part lately, changing the game plan as required, well done (never thought I'd say that)
Tim Prinsen must know hypnosis or something, apparently an excellent coach.
Andrew Nowacki,-not much to say other than his name never comes up, I really like this guy but I don't know why???Got a holding penalty but considering he is down field blocking all the time I'd say he's more than OK in my books

I've changed my view on this team making the playoffs-I really want to see what damage they could do. :thup: :thup: :thup:

While watching Zabransky's success I was kind of thinking ET is going to try deal one of our QB's next year, what do you guys think? I'm not suggesting it by any means but it wouldn't surprise me.

I seriously doubt ET will trade Ray or Zabransky. He's already said that one of things he wants to improve is the QB depth. Can't improve the depth if you start trading your stars.

Regarding Strasser, I'm still not totally sold on him. We'll see...

I think the Esks might finally have a dangerous running attack with Whitlock and Porter at RB and McCarty FB/TE and Bertrand at FB.

Oh don't get me wrong I'm not on his bandwagon, just giving a little credit for him showing some effort/creativity.

Of those four I say ditch both Bertrand and McCarty and trade for a better non-import back like Cornish. :slight_smile:

Imagine with one or two amongst Whitlock, Porter, and/or Cornish in the backfield ...or split Cornish out to the slot or wing some times ...but I know I may be dreaming!

Well one thing's for sure I suspect, Maas isn't tradeable.

So, if Zabransky continues to impress, would ET gamble on trading away Ricky Ray? Somehow I doubt it, but you never know. . .

This just makes me scratch my head... :expressionless: