Sask at BC

that offensive pass interference was just icing on the cake. I mean, they clearly lost on their own (receivers), but where did that call from.

These drops are freaking ridiculous. We must lead the league 2 fold in that category.

24 points...again, the D did enough to win this game.

Hello basement! its been a few years since we have been here, but it is nice to see our seats are still warm.

After just finishing watching the B.C-Sask game I think its time to make changes. Coaching that is. Doug Barry needs to go and he needed to go after last season! Play calling was atrocious, Durant rolled out of the pocket only a few times, the running game was non-existant in the first half and it took them until 2:35 in the second quarter to get into the end zone. The defence was on the field way too long (they are finally coming together a bit). This is going to be a 4-14 team this year so lets start rebuilding now by getting rid of incompetent coaches first. It,s time we started looking at some fresh young people for coaching positions instead of recycling all the old head coaches from other teams that are past their prime. Get some new ideas starting NOW

I put this one on Berry. Bad play calling through the 1st, and then he got ok (or DD was winging it and ignoring the calls from the sideline!), but then the old Bomber Berry showed up again, and the Riders had to kick from deep in their own end.

The receivers are dropping balls like crazy, yes. Maybe an OC should work with them? Or make the plays a little easier to execute and raise their confidence instead of continually trying low percentage plays?

I don’t get not starting Clermont. Getz is the one struggling. A few games off really helped Fantuz in his sophomore year, and look how that turned out. Maybe a game or two off would help Getz the same way.

D played well enough. Pass rush still needs to improve, but it is showing signs of life.

Proulx and crew lived up to their normal standards, but the Riders deserved this loss.

Shame for Makowski. I’d have liked to see his last year be a winner.

When did hand fighting down the field constitute offensive pass interference? I think it was a bogus call but that might be my green coloured glasses afeecting my perception.

Getzlaf drops snuffed out 2 drives - what is with that guy? Inexcusable.

The D may have played well enough to win but our schemes don't allow us to win. Whwn we need a stop on 2nd and long the coverage schemes have the DB's backed up 10 yards and I mean backed up - no cahnce of making aplay to stop the 1st down.
I still think RH is a big problem and he should be let go with Marshall taking over as DC.

Basement - where we deserve to be. This was a complete team loss. Special teams which was the one area we could be of which we could be proud. Eddie had his worst gamw as a Rider - crappy punts, missed FG's. We totally lost the field position battle with no return game and 3 15 yard no-yarders. DD played his heart out but the receiving corps and at times the o-lline let him down.

What's the answer? I think RH and DB are not doing the job and should be replaced - unfortunately in the case of DB - I don't know if there is a replacement around. Greg could take over for RH. Hopefully some good receivers might come our way from the NFL cuts and that might help the O. Trade Getzlaf - maybe he needs a change of scenery. If I had the answers I would be GM but surely the management must realize that they are well on their way to an embarrassing season unless something is done right now.

I agree that Hall should be adjusting his coverages more to suit specific situations (eg 2nd and 10, and DBs still dropping back giving the underneath route when we need a stop), but I don't think the D has played badly enough to merit the firing of the DC. If he continues to fail to make adjustments, then maybe, but he's got a good history as a DC and I'm not prepared to give up on him yet.

Berry, on the other hand, needs to be fired or shot. Pronto. (Kidding about the shooting, BTW :twisted: )Unfortunately, he is a buddy of Taman's, which means he is going exactly nowhere until we go 0-18 for two consecutive seasons. Personally, I'd have no problem getting rid of both, Berry and Taman.

Ken Miller could step in. I know he is "retired", but he is still part of the Rider brass, and it would definitely be for the good of the team. I also would have no problem if the Riders could get permission to talk to Dave Dickenson, or bring Marcus Crandell back in the OC role. Crandell could apprentice under Miller for the rest of the season and then take over as full OC after we lose the next Grey Cup to Montreal again, or next season, whichever comes first.

I'm not sure about a rookie head coach wearing two hats. Its a move that has failed in the recent past. I'd rather give Hall until the end of the year to see if he can regain his past lustre.

Getzlaf needs to be sat for a couple of games. Same as what was done to Fantuz in his sophomore season. No need to dump talent, especially if he heeds a wake-up call.

I'm not convinced that Taman is smart enough to realize any such thing. He sure didn't see it in Winnipeg, as evidenced by his support for individuals that needed to be fired there (and who, coincidentally, showed up on the Rider sidelines shortly after Taman's arrival in Regina).

Honestly, I think that Taman is the first domino that has to fall (beg Joe Womack to come back, anyone?), and then lose Berry about 30 seconds later, and then see how everyone else reacts.

Good idea about Miller but Crandell seems to being doing well in Edmonton and the same can be said for DD in Calgary. A QB OC would really be anice fit for Darian if we could find some one available. Matt Dunigan would be good but I don't think he will come in as an OC - he would probably looking for a HC job if he is looking at all. We can only wait and see what happens - and hopefully something does happen soon.

yeah, both Crandell and Dickenson are already OC…why would they leave, and why would their teams give permission for a lateral move while under contract. If it was for a HC job, yes, not for a lateral though. Dave will likely be the next HC in BC.


I actually do not have huge uissues with Taman, except that Berry is still there. He has done a respectable job overall otherwise. He is no Tillman, but not many are...

Like I said in the other post...if I am Marshall, I am starting to worry a bit about my job security, and I would terminate Berry's services. Hey, they did it in Toronto, likely to try to save a job or 2...why shouldn't Marshall. I know they talked to DD about Berry, but what is he supposed to say...Yeah, I don't work well with him...then risk Berry not departing? He is towing the line. If the coaching staff have to ask on multiple occassions if the relationship is okay then they already know the answer.

I have lost all faith in this year's Rider football team, and usually I am not one to do so. This team is aweful and will be lucky to win three games this season unless the necessary steps are taken to turn this season around.

Fire Greg Marshall. This team lacks focus largely, IMO, due to the lack of leadership on the team. I mean when your holder fails to go out onto the field to hold for a field goal obviously there is a lack of communication and leadership somewhere along the way. The game was far from over (still 4 minutes left in the game) and the offense walks onto the field with their heads down. I have always considered Marshall to be a poor choice for head coach. Please come back for at least a few games Ken Miller!!! If not find somebody who can make the tough decisions and keep the team focused.

Find recievers who can hang on to the damn football. Too many drops have cost this team football games. Getzlaf is not and will never be a top reciever in this league, and Dressler does not have the size to do the things that a Fantuz or even a Getzlaf can do.

Defensively the Riders have stepped up from previous weeks, and have held the team in the game. Still, after watching last nights game I take back my comment about allowing the underneath passes. I take that comment back because not only are they allowing the underneath stuff, they get beat over the top as well. Edmonton, the fist game against Montreal, and last nights games had big plays which have given the game to the other team.

It's funny that you mention that, because I feel the same way about the Riders (my 2nd favourite team). I was watching the game with my friends and when the score was 20-10 I said that if this was the 2010 team, the Riders could win it. But they're not, so they won't. That Rider magic/moxie is gone and it's tough to watch games that they should be winning, such as the Calgary game.

Maybe you're right, greenandwhite, maybe Marshall just doesn't inspire. As much as Berry's offence is terrible, there doesn't seem to be that same motivation. For me though, it's the incredibly predictable offence that has to be taken care of first; one way or the other.

do any coaches/staff read these forums? because rider fans r no dumbies and its obvious db oc is the biggest problem atm, if they fail to fire him this week, they are accepting his performance, you guys talk about getzlaf's drops, that did not lose the game, doug berry's whole scheme of plays did! lose him quickly or lose the season,l could do a better job with my knowledge and zero credentails, he's an enbarrasment to riderville, defensively we started slow but rh is progressing favourably, given the talent atm, doug berry's talent is superior and he's going no where, if u read this mr db just step down, no 1 wants you here it's obvious and if taman's to blame, the bus has more than 1 seat, get outta town, sure what happened with tillman was bad, but only for us not for edmonton, we shoulda just kept personal and professional life seperate and we'd be 5-1 not 1-5! so rider brass dumby up quick we deserve and expect more, your failing and it's frickin obvious where!

You can't tell me they are not motivated. DD broke off a coupel tackles last night. You can see the frustration in offensive players faces. The D seems to be playing as a unit. The offense probably does not have a pile of faith...would you? They see what is happenning...oh man, I would love to be sitting at the BBQ at Cate's house on hear how those guys REALLY feel. I would be shocked if any of them liked how the O is being run, however, I do not blame Marshall for this. Berry was a part of the package. He was straight up told this, yet one of the first things he did was sit down with DD and ask him how he felt about Berry...He saw the issue before he came to town...he just couldn't rock the boat out of the gate. My guess is he is building amo, and talking to Miller, NOT Tanam. I would not expect to see Berry around by season end, and I would suspect a change will happen on August 19th...this is the day after the last game before bye week, and unless the O can put yp 35 points against the Stamps and that or more against the Argos, I would suspect any hope of him saving his job is gone. This then gives over 2 weeks to adjust before playing.

My bad. I knew about Dickenson, but I thought Crandell was still a QB coach. oops! :oops: