Sask at BC

Who is going to win the battle for the basement? I surely hope we make the necessary adjustments to our offensive and defensive schemes. Note to Doug Berry - Darian has to roll out and run when the opportunity arises- you saw it's effectiveness in Montreal - why did you go away from it last week? Note to Richie Hall - your loosey goosey coverage schemes don't work.

I say the Riders will win a tight game but my confidence level is not high.

BC by 18
38 - 20

I say this because we have an amazing track record of being the stepping stone for teams to turn their season around. They seem to get that confidence building win on us, and go on a roll. Not just the last couple years, but as long as I can recall. This year for example...Hamilton. Last year Esks AND BC

I hope your prediction is wrong but it is definitely within the realm of possibility given what has gone on this year to date.

Oh, I am cheering Green no matter what, I just always hate playing teams on the down, because I know our track record. That being said, we are on the down, so perhaps BC will be our stepping stone.

yup, so correct. we seem to always to be the team that other CFL teams play when they need to turn it around, or need that win!

I think the best example ever was WE gave Sacramento it's first win! :roll:

[quote="dusty100"] " Note to Richie Hall - your loosey goosey coverage schemes don't work."

Totally agree! How many 1st downs did they give up on short passes. Like the defence gave them a five yard pad too many times vs Calgary, it drove me nuts!! Maybe RH's motive is to give them all those first downs to tire them out till they get down to the red zone then hold them to a FG???? :?

Hate to break it to you, but the loose coverage provided just as many underneath passes last year. It frustrated me all season.

What do you do as a defense when the field is as wide and long as it is? Something has to be open and quite honestly I would rather give up the underneath stuff than the big play. That being said, they need to provide a little bit more pressure up front (although last game the d line played better). Possibly come up with some blitz packages etc. Offensively the recievers need to squeeze the football when it is thrown to them. Clermont's drop at the back of the endzone was, in my mind, the reason why the Riders lost that game.

it was one of a few reasons.

we have to take into account the good ole Time Count Violation call near the end of the 2nd Qtr.

that gave the Stamps an extra 3 points. We should have won this game.

Arland Bruce is now a Lion. I doubt he will play this week but if he plays does it matter?

I fully expect the Riders to win most games if the D only gives up 22.

The bonus of this game is that BC's defense has been pretty atrocious as well this year and it could hopefully provide our offense the spark it needs to get back on track.

Not sure if all heard, but Marshall said yesterday that fates would not be playing again

27-23 Riders

and we are sitting down Jason Clermont tonight? WTF ?

This is getting ugly already, maybe I will get an early night sleep

no kidding! you want to make a statement/shake things up, then bench Getz for a game...god, he just can not catch anymore! I wonder if DD wakes up in cold sweats ad tremors thinking about his receivers! They sure ain't helping him said at the start of the game that JC was not playing...he just caught the ball...HAHA

This drive...this is what they need to do FFS (oooo TD right there)...anyways...shorter passes, DD RAN....I REPEAT DD RAN! There was a swing pass! Getz held onto a ball (beautiful pass btw)!

lets see this more and less long ball!

The commentators made a good point in the fact that the Riders lost a few starting receivers right before the season. Not backups, not 3 months before, right before...that is a big hurdle I suppose. HOWEVER the comment about perhaps Getz's woes being that he has moved around so much is BS...blown play or sloppy routes or missed assignments...okay...does ot justify so many drops.

I cant wait for Nunn to be on the bench. he just does not seem to fit.

what a drop by Getz...looks at his hands...claps em...what happened he wonders?

second drop of the games buddy...nothing unusual!

kills a good drive...seriously, how does a team overcome horrid drops like this?

on the bright side, with a 2 drop average he has made quota, perhaps he is good to go for the rest of the game??