Sask - Als

Well, hats off to AC on his record-setting performance against the Argos. Congrats to our D who came up big in the 2nd half - especially Chip Cox! The ST - well, I guess we'll keep discussing that for some time until they come together as a unit.

Now, time to prepare for Sask. They looked absolutely brutal today. On the surface, that bodes well for next Sunday's game. But football, like all pro sports, is a game for short-term memory. It doesn't matter how well we played last game, we have to prepare for the next one. No doubt an 0-3 start is an embarrassment for the Roughriders and they will want to avenge this horrific start. So, we can't take them lightly - they've always played us tough.

On O, the Als seem to clicking on all cylinders, even with newcomers and backups. Hope to see Jamel and Kerry back in action soon. I have to say that I am impressed thus far with London. He is hauling them down in traffic - just like Jamel and SJ! And what about Whitaker? It's way too early to say Avon who?, but he is doing great - 218 combined yards.

So, boys, let's enjoy the record-setting game for a day, and then let's prepare for the Roughies.

Go Als go!!!

Riders are still a very physical team and they have two playmakers in Jackson (we know how well our cover/punt game is) and Dressler who is out there pretty much by himself. Cates is too slow to swing out of the backfield now and their oline can't run block to save their life. Frankly the way they roughed up our guys I am kind of hoping we hand them a severe beatdown in our park. I'm thinking Optimus and Alpha Prime are going to have a huge game. Should be fun.

Optimus? Alpha Prime?

Yes Richardson is Optimus Prime and SJ is Alpha Prime, Personaly I think Optimus should be AC's nickname but Avon gave it to Jamel.

Ah! Thanks for that, Hfx. Well then, let's hope they and all our Als have a strong game including (ahem!) the ST!!!

The Riders have no chance at all, if they keep it within 3 TD's that's a moral victory.

Well, on paper at least, that would appear to be the case, Argo, but this is the CFL!!!! Anything can happen on any given day. I don't know what kind of funk the Roughies are in at the moment, but look at the Esks of the last few seasons - they were often pathetic while trying to rebuild their team. BUT - RR looks like the RR of old.

Sask has always played the Als tough. In the Hamilton-Sask game, I saw things that I never thought I would see on a Roughriders' team - their star receivers dropping sure TD passes, Durant looking like a rank amateur... And then their was the body-English - drooped heads...etc. They were a beaten-up team. Heading into the Als' game, things don't look good for the Roughies (so that's good for us!), but I never count my chickens before they're hatched!

Like many team sports, football is a game of momentum, which can change in "the twinkling of an eye". The team that executes best, wins - period. We still have issues on STs, and that has been discussed ad nauseum on this forum (and likely will continue to be until and unless things improve). There have also been some issues at DH and the 4-man rush, but we saw a great improvement in the game against TO.

So, the question is what Sask team shows up on Sunday? If it's the team against the Ticats, then it won't be close. Otherwise, it will be a barnburner!

Go Als go!!!

For the last couple of seasons the Riders game has been the BIG passing play
Durant to Fantuz
Durant to Bagg
And most especially (against the Alouettes at least)
Durant to Dressler

Without those two other great receivers in their lineup
Durant really does look lost
And Dressler is too small to dominate on his own
When a defence is aware that he's the only real threat

And the Alouettes made a key acquisition over the off season
Dwight Anderson played man against Dressler pretty much all game 2 weeks ago
Much like Browner stuck to Richardson and Fantuz etc for the Stamps last year
I'm thinking that covering Dressler may have played some part
In getting Anderson in the off season
Considering how Dressler's burnt the Als last 2 seasons

Be that as it worked last game against the Riders
And if it works next Sunday...I don't see that Riders having much more success
Than they've been having lately
As people have been saying in Rider Nation:
They just don't have the horses

No no
AC is God
A character common to all plot lines
Stated or implied
Scifi or no


Agreed about Dressler. You put your best cover man on him and you've basically shut down Saskatchewan's offense. He's a great player but too small to carry an offense on his own. Even at his peak, Cahoon needed Copeland beside him to be consistently effective.

The player who's really disappointed is Getzlaf. Right now we're seeing why he's not the player some thought he was. He's not getting open consistently and he's not making plays when Durant needs him.

Agree with both of you.

Against the Ticats they stunk the joint out on virtually every aspect of their game. So, they know that they're in tough against the record-breaking, 3-0, AC & co. As men with "Rider pride" I would expect them to come into town with a chip on their shoulder. No doubt the Als will remember their first meeting, the "helmet-to-helmet affair". I hope that the game doesn't get chippy.

I am confident for the Als and that Trestman will prepare them properly. There were a few games last year, however, where we played the vanilla fudge sundae bit and played waaaaayyyy too complacently. Result? We got blown out by teams against whom that should never happen. This is only the 4th game of the season, but the team has to keep its edge; absolutely nothing is settled yet.

I hope for the Riders and the league that they find a way to turn things around at some point, but not next Sunday.

Go Als go!!!

Personally I agree with the poster who said they'd like to see another opponent in the Grey Cup.
So the Riders downfall seems just ok to me

On the other hand Ricky Ray is looking pretty scary
Chance for Calvillo's revenge for the 2005 loss?
That would be sweet!

I posted above that RR appears to be eating the same breakfast cereal AC is. For that matter, the Esks are looking like the Esks of old.

So, the meeting between them and the Als is likely to be an interesting one. However, one game at a time...the season is still young and a lot can happen between now and October. I have to admit, though, the Als are looking great at this point, despite the weaknesses we have all commented on. So far so good!!

For those who missed this story on

[url=] ... -than-ever[/url]
[b]Calvillo the Fighter Stronger Than Ever[/b]

If you believe “you can’t teach speed? and “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,? you may as well give the CFL’s savvy purebred Old Dog first and goal at the one.

Anthony Calvillo has not only beaten thyroid cancer, he’s beating his personal bests in offseason training for speed, strength and power.

“I’m high maintenance like your old beater car,? AC tells me while being rubbed down by his trusty masseur Scott Suter after training in the same gym that buffs UFC’s George St-Pierre. “But my ‘beach body’ don’t look right,? the back-to-back Grey Cup champion QB confesses.

A unique entourage has Calvillo in rare form for any CFL player, let alone a battle-scarred quarterback who’ll turn 39 long before Grey Cup 2011 kicks off.

“AC has learned speed – he’s gone from 4.4 metres/second to 5.7!? raves Brian Robinson, the inventor of the Hi-Trainer and VP of Hi-Trainer Inc. “AC is a power producer. He’s beating bigger men and younger men. It’s simple. He’s changed his vector force. You run fastest when you sustain a fall.?

More CFL passing records will fall in 2011 because of it.

“Fatigue factor reduces your completion rate,? explains Robinson. “When a QB who’s completed that 10-yard out 10,000 times in his life is down on his heels and missing that toss in the fourth quarter he’s fatigued. That’s not happening to AC anymore.?

CFL defences have noticed: Four straight years completing more than 67% of his passes. Four straight seasons averaging more than 6.2 yards per carry; more than a full yard better than his career average at age 35+.

Calvillo’s quest for vintage success came after the heartbreak of Grey Cup 2008’s home turf curse. Leading at halftime, the Als’ thoroughbred tossed up a critical pick and had several more passes easily batted down in the Stampeders’ second half rally at Olympic Stadium. The thoroughbred sought a “workhorse mentality? following that game.

“We were at an NFL game a few weeks later visiting his former coach Jim Zorn in Washington,? explains Suter, co-founder of Montreal’s Quanta Performance Evolution, which rents space from the gym owned by local boxing legends Otis and Howard Grant. “AC had to know how to get past that last hurdle.?

Along with fitness expert Dev Chatterjee, they changed Calvillo’s work habits, eating habits and his on-field results when they’ve mattered most.

“It took some convincing, but we can’t keep him out of the gym now,? says Suter.

Calvillo went on a dairy-free and gluten-free diet. Eating to win in this case means more sweet potatoes, more quinoa.

If Calvillo’s throws leave opposing DB’s running in circles, D-linemen take warning – Calvillo’s been practicing running around in circles himself.

“It’s called vestibular training,? says personal trainer John Geller, who’s got the future Hall of Famer twirling on the spot then throwing passes from the athletic equivalent of a New Years hangover. “It gets the fluid in the inner ear moving and if he takes a hit in the pocket or is off-balance scrambling around, this is going to help.?

“Yeah they got me spinning around in circles and it don’t make any sense to me,? Calvillo concedes. “But somehow if it’s gonna make me a better football player I just have to believe what they tell me to do. If I have to catch a ball or throw a ball dizzy, I will.?

“As an athlete if you’ve got an inner circle you have to believe them. Before I used to say ‘me and Ben (Cahoon) are a package deal’ but now it’s ‘me and Suter’... that’s how it works.?

Suter tweaked this year’s program in consultation with Calvillo’s doctor to be sure the warhorse wasn’t pushed too hard too soon. Rather than feeling overtired, the man chasing Damon Allen’s all-time completion, yardage and touchdown marks was never getting tired because he was on “Synthroid? (a commonly prescribed hormone replacement for thyroid cancer patients).

“They wanted me closer to ‘hyper-thyroid’ and we’ve made an adjustment since then,? explains the patient. “I do get tired now, but this is no different from other years.?

“There’s no illegal juice in me,? chuckles AC, noting that CFL drug-testers are on the prowl for the first time in league history. “I have nothing to worry about.?

Emotionally, cancer threatened a déjà voodoo experience several years after his wife Alexia had been through an even more trying ordeal.

“There were times when it did get emotional speaking to the team, and then when football was over and I didn’t have that to focus on any more. But the surgery, the radioactive iodine; it’s all been manageable and I’ve had a plan set out.?

“Deep down I knew I wanted to come back, but deep down I knew there was a chance I might not come back, so that was going through my mind,? explains Calvillo.

“There’s a lot of people who’ve come up to me and shown me their scars and told me they’ve dealt with it. When you hear those positive stories, that’s what people are trying to tell us – ‘I’m going through the same thing you are.’?

“Not too many people have a chance to see my scar, but I’ve shown a few. If it can help them out, that’s the most important thing.?

Any couple inflicted with such a hardship would have to wonder: Why them?

“It crosses your mind, but it’s been almost four years now for Alexia. We just didn’t want to waste our energy on ‘why me’ and ‘why us.’ We both have faith in what’s been presented before us,? says Calvillo.

“I’d say Anthony is the most dedicated and focused athlete I’ve ever worked with,? says Robinson. “He understands that all this work is to get those vital yards in the fourth quarter. And in a leadership role he communicates that to the rest of the team. We’re starting to see the rest of the Alouettes come in and try to keep up.?

“He’s a workhorse and an inspiration to a lot of the fighters who see him. I just can’t wait to see all the success that he deserves this year,? adds Robinson.

If it is anything like the last two years, it will include flying his masseur to Grey Cup Week, but airlifting him home on game day.

“Since 2006 Anthony’s flown me to every Grey Cup,? says Suter, a former Als’ athletic therapist. “I’m like an old man, too, so now I don’t stay for the actual game, I just work on Anthony all week and then I don’t have to rough it in the cold. Now our deal is he has to fly me back home in time to watch the game on my couch.?

What Calvillo saves on airfare by flying Suter on a Sunday, he’s happy to re-invest in a victory dinner for the old dogs who want steak with their sweet potato.

Anyone know the Tiger Cats have taken another chance on one of our ex players Sean Ortiz....

They've been looking for a long snapper since theirs got busted at the border with a kitbag full of drugs. (Matvichuk)

Taking a page from the Esks... when in need, grab an ex Alouette. :slight_smile:

Actually Drew Edwards of the Spectator in his blog says that Ortiz was signed as a d-line replacement for the injured Ivan Brown, who of course is another ex-Al.

That's cool tony; Damon Duval will be in the spotlight one of these games for a last second win.
And just before he does that; - "HELLO.....HOORAY"...let the show begin - I've been ready. Rock on :rockin:

You can only hope ! :rockin: