SASK. 30 : CALGARY 21 : another amazing CFL game!

CALGARY 21 , SASK. 19 , in the 3rd :thup:


SASK. just blocked a F.D. goal try!


CALGARY fumbles on the SASK. 30 but it is challenged!

4th Q

still the same score !


I have to say that as much as I'd like to win the V.G.C.C. I would truly prefer to see Saskatchewan advance. I know I didn't pick them but I still have great respect for the team and players and the heart they play with game in and game out. If they win today they deserve to be in the GC and I will be rooting for them against B.C. in the west final. And if they happen to make the GC and play my Al's I will be rooting for a great game simply because I'd hate to see either team lose.

Ya but keep in mind that if they win we will have to put up with turkeybend for a whole week! :lol:



SASK. , F.D.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

But 2 amazing play off games , already :thup:

I guess that the CFL isn't " dull " any more? :wink: :lol:

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6 minutes left in the game!

3 minute warning SASK. deep in CALGARY territory!

2: 40 left in the game ....KEITH : T.D. for SASK.

CALGARY are down by 9 but are moving the ball on a great return!


Less than 2 minutes left 1:30 , SASK. ball after , CALGARY MISSES A F.G.


CONGRATS TO SASK. , and their 10,000 fans in CALGARY!

way to blow it Burris...killed the stamps

one QB knew enough to throw the ball away when recievers were covered

the other tryed to force the ball even in triple coverage...

winner...the smarter Kerry Joseph.

I think you have to give a Rider D an itsy bitsy bit of credit for this win…Dont Ya think?

Im amazed Sask came back from being down 21-5 in this game. They played absolutely brutal for most of that 2nd quarter, but DB and his staff made some amazing adjustments. We shall see what happens next week in BC, should be a good game.

all i can say at this time is....WE WON WE WON!!!!!!

Great game, looking forward to next week.

oh, absolutly...the rider D didnt give burris anything to look at and put alot of pressure on him...and burris does what he always does in those situations: makes bad decisions, forces the ball and fumbles.