Sasha Lancaster

I watched last nights game on TSN. I was really impressed by #55 Sasha Lancaster. He is a beast and someone we can now build our defense around.

Let's build our offense around Porter too.

Liked his make up too....

Lets make room for his HOF bust.

Seriously, I didn't really notice him out there...what did he do?

More than you did

I tackle, and lots of hustle.

1st game a yard off the ball.

Lets see how he does in Winnipeg next week.
Showed more passion in one game than Charlton Keith did in his whole stay here!

Maybe thats because he is a player and I'm a fan.

Actually I should know better than to ask a serious question out here....there is a small core group of fans who belong to a "savior of the week" club.

Rebuilding a football team is tough work. There are no easy answers to it. Remember Ponder? Miles? Jesse? Casey? Maas? Chang? They were all "saviors of the week".

Last week Porter was the object of their undying love. This week it's Lancaster who is a "beast".

Next week...who knows.

Gotta admit the Ultimate Warrior thing is cute.

I defy you to find a post where I said ANY of those were, and I quote "A saviour of the week" but you seem to think you can do better with your little "what did he do out there" comment

Sasha has the biggest arms in the CFL..

Yeah...I was wondering if he was trying for "The Batman" look. lol

He was more worried about containment on his end than he was rushing the qb. He contained his end well, almost nobody got outside of him. watch him on copelands td in the third qtr and its obvious he isnt worried about pressuring the qb or he made no effort on that play.

One game does not an all star make! I wasn't aware of Sasha Lancaster playing particularly well last night.

Actually, I thought he was fairly mediocre unless we give points for makeup in which case, I thought he

was horrible.

i wasn't impressed. he wasn't around the ball much, and was standing around puffing like a steam engine. he's obviously out of shape.
yeah, he was getting containment, but only because he was content to let the guard press him far to the outside and deep of the pocket (exactly like kashama), where he has no effect on the play at all.
i did see one thing i haven't seen so far this season: alain kashama once actually off his feet, on the ground, part of making a tackle — just like a real football player.

Sasha Lancaster and Alain Kashama look they are ready for Hallowe'en when they step on the field... Kashama does that funny walk between plays like he has something concealed inside him..

Sasha is a goon out on the field. When he hits guys at full speed they go down fast!!!

Hey Blitz 21, I remember another guy who wore 55 who was supposed to be the second coming of Grover. He played one good game and was cut the following year

Nice to see a player who really whats to make this team, better than watching some PUTZ that dosnt want to be here. :thup:

uh, how did i become involved in this thread, dont call out my name for no reason.
thanks, Smart Guy!

Convert him to QB, teach him to throw the long pass = "Lancaster bomber".

I thought it was you. You and Phil look so much alike :oops: :lol:

aw come on now, everywun knows im the better looking of the two.

Another savior bites the dust

8) Exactly "als4ever" !!! Another superstar in the making, just like Charlton Keith was going to be !!!
 Add Alain Kashama to that list also  !!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->