[Sarcasm] Vernon Adams flipped to Ottawa for a 3rd string Safety

Yeah just kidding ....but this how Mickey Mouse this is getting . I was thinking Charleston Hughes might pull a Larry Canada move and say he won't report to Hamilton so they'd have to renegotiate .

This Hughes trade would have been perfect for the cats ..it would have helped the db;s and linebackers and add a much needed experienced pass rush threat .

Now , getting Adams , we surely won't be getting Manziel and the market in the cfl for him is not big right now as everyone seems settled at qb...so essentially it is looking like we will be getting nothing for the manziel asset.

Montreal really has nothing worthwhile if josh freeman doesn't work out

honestly, gotta disagree with both of your assessments there.

I don't think Hughes is as much of an upgrade over Tracy as he's made out to be (especially at what I assume is an ample salary difference)

and I don't think Adams being on the roster precludes us from signing Manziel either. He's hasn't shown much, and doesn't cost much.

I guess we can agree to disagree .i respect your opinion

I'm good with that ;D

(don't get me wrong, if Big Ted isn't back, I'll start singing the same tune as you on the first bit, that's not a hole you replace easily.)

Great thread. Thanks for your contribution.

The only thing that is "Mickey Mouse" is this stupid thread.

There is no test required to create a new thread...maybe there should be.

Lol. "Larry" Canada?

Lol . No relation to "Tom" Canada but believe it or not there actually was a Larry Canada who played pro ball in the NFL in the late seventies , early eighties with the Broncos . 8)

Tom Canada - CFL (Blue Bombers)


Larry Canada - NFL ( Broncos )


Never knew there was a Larry Canada, but he doesn't apply in the context the op alluded to. It was Tom Canada who was traded here & refused to report. 8)

Lol . Yup you are correct Count Floyd . It would appear that the OP got his Canada's mixed up . ;D

Just thinking here but just imagine if there was a "Dick" Canada as well ?

Then we could have a "Tom" , "Dick" and "Larry" Canada trio . 8) :smiley:

And why exactly was this thread created??

Agreed - stupid thread.

But since we have it - were either of these players Canadian?

Nope . Tom and Larry Canada were actually both Americans . And yes I agree by the way - this is a stupid thread .

Let' just make this thread more stupid; until someone shuts it down.

Any player named Canada should automatically be considered Canadian. Not subject to import rule!

and Tom Canada was traded to Hamilton for.....

Zeke Moreno

who once upon a time in black and gold separated Henry Burris's shoulder by jumping on him as Hank was going for extra yards.

which brings us full circle to today, where everyone is once again in agreement that Hank needs a good People's Elbow thrown at him again and would probably volunteer to do so.

Yep. One of Obies first big roster moves and his first moral panic from fans.

He didnt know as GM of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats one must.....

Never cut or trade anyone.

Re-sign everyone

Sign big name FAs

Any deviation means sitting on your hands and / or sleeping on the job or being mickey mouse or......

Altered the thread title and locking this up. (Not that this is a terrible sin to post, but we all know that sarcasm can get a little carried away.) :slight_smile: