Sarah Palin's visit to Hamilton, CFL, NFL

Ok, funny topic you might ask. Reading this morning that a lot of Hamiltonians are upset with Sarah Palin's visit and with money going towards health care in the city from the talk, an association type of thing since she is outspoken as a critic of a public health care system, so now organizers have changed the proceeds to go to the Charity of Hope, a children's help organization.

My question is would inviting someone like her be similar to say Rogers Corporation, a big backer of the NFL in Canada with the Bills series, inviting a well-known critic of Canadian football rules compared with American football rules, to give a talk with proceeds going to say the Canadian Amateur Football Assn? My thinking is that if organizers of these events are going to do something along these lines, why not have a panel discussion representing different viewpoints, rather than one speaker that has a well known viewpoint on something controversial.

I think the organizers of the Palin event deserve the criticism they got on this event because they didn't have a panel type discussion so the optics of it was that they were biased towards getting people to think the American health care system is something Canada should adopt and also feeding into this with a one way biased talk. Key word here is optics, a sort of perceived conflict of interest.

(not saying healthcare and football are by any means of equal importance to Canadian life BTW)

Was the talk about healthcare? she is a pretty mute voice here in the USA now..
No American politician wants a canadian style healthcare ..and they took out the public option for healthcare!
To be replaced with a not for profit insurance company.. too deep a subject for a ticat forum.

To me it all depends on what the purpose of it is .. sarah palin was probably doing what she has been doin for the past while peddling her book. If the topic was solely on healthcare then the organizers can be criticized in their pick of a speaker And no American politician would be able to be up there ..except maybe Hillary Clinton.

I don't think there has to be a debate on all things let people speak those that want to hear the message will show up those that do not will not go .. as for the proceeds .. they can go wherever they send it. Free country free speech

As for the football thing .. hey who cares where the money comes from donations all spend the same . I doubt Rogers is against the CFL they just saw something that could have been a good idea and ran with it .... like alot of businesses do.
I dont think there needs to be a debate on everything tho ..

Here's the article:

Palin controversy pushes hospitals out of picture

[i]Amid a barrage of criticism, organizers of a fundraiser featuring former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin have decided the event will no longer benefit public health care.

Instead, funds from the April 15 gala will go to the Charity of Hope, an organization that helps children.

"The attention became a health-care debate when the attention should've been on ... an event that benefits the community," said Dennis Concordia, one of the co-chairs of the event.

Concordia said organizers felt the Juravinski Cancer Centre and St. Peter's Hospital, the previously named beneficiaries, were "unfairly being made targets of a lot of negative publicity."

Pearl Veenema, president and CEO of Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation, said it was notified on Wednesday that organizers would be considering the reaction to the event and that the beneficiary might change.

The hospital was notified of the decision yesterday through a press release.

"It's unfortunate the funds will not be directed to Hamilton Health Sciences, the two hospitals that they wanted to raise funds for, but we're appreciative ... of (their) intentions," Veenema said.

Palin has spoken out against Canada's healthcare system, causing some upset about her stand to feel she was an inappropriate speaker to raise funds for a Canadian hospital. Others feel she's not a good fit for Hamilton, a city with five social democrat legislators.

As of mid-week, HHS had received about 60 angry calls and e-mails from residents, about 10 of which involved donors who said they would not give again.

In a Spectator poll asking if people would buy a ticket to see Palin, more than 4,300 of the almost 5,800 respondents said they would not.

"I don't think we could have predicted the backlash, not necessarily here in Hamilton but across North America," Concordia said.

"And we certainly want to respect Governor Palin's position and we didn't want to have the hospitals become unfairly commented on."

Concordia said a decision was made to change the beneficiary over the weekend. He said there was no political pressure or pressure from Palin's people to change the recipient.

But when asked if Palin's camp knew what the benefit was for when it agreed to have her speak, Concordia said he did not want to comment on a confidential contract.

Murray Martin, president and CEO of Hamilton Health Sciences, said the hospital respects the decision.

"It's their decision," he said. "It's a third-party event. We respect whatever direction they want to go. I know they were concerned if it would have a negative impact on us. But we very much realize that it should be their decision."

Healthcare philanthropist Charles Juravinski said he had not been informed of the change before being contacted by The Spectator.

"Quite frankly, you're taking me by storm ... There just seems to be a lot of kerfuffle over nothing," he said.

"Anything ... that helps fundraising for any worthwhile organization or charity is certainly worthwhile."

Ted McMeekin, MPP for Ancaster,-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale, said in an e-mail that this was a strange situation and he had never seen anything like it.

"Clearly there was some negative feedback on Palin being associated with health care and the hospitals. Word on the street was that some base donors were angry with Palin's choice as speaker and that created the potential for some backlash."

McMeekin said he was not familiar with the newly designated beneficiary.

The concept for The Charity of Hope, according to a message on its website from its president Sam Mercanti, started among friends at the local YMCA. They hope to grow the charity each year.

The founder of Carmen's, which hosts the annual Charity of Hope fundraiser, is Peter Mercanti, Sam's brother.[/i]

Interesting questions Earl…thanks for the thread.

Although not a great fan of Sarah Palin, (that’s my prerogative personally whether to be a fan of hers or not). But what I do have issue with is the fact people were trying to undermine her visit to Carmens for a private event (meaning, to hear her speak one must purchase a ticket and physically go there in person as a customer of the event) Her viewpoints may be controversial and I would have no problem debating her ideas and viewpoints any day of the week, but the fact her visit is under fire when she has broken no laws is plain silliness. This even has drawn speakers in the past of all political stripes so I have no issue with Mrs. Palin having her turn. It’s not like her words are being thrust at the public with no choice that evening. (ie: You must make an effort to attend at the event and shell out $200 cash to hear those words)…in other words, you have a choice not to attend and therefore, not hear her speak.

By the way, the new charity beneficiary for the event is a good choice too…I just don’t agree with the reason for the change.

As far as your question about a CFL critic attending at an event to give a talk about how great the NFL is compared to the CFL ? …sure, why not. I wouldn’t attend myself but if someone else chose to attend, that’s their choice.

(I have reviewed my words here before hitting “submit” and look forward to some to pick it apart trying to find a “gotcha” moment) :lol: :lol:

Again, good thread Earl. I look forward to seeing the responses.

Sarah Palin openly said that Canada NEEDS to dismantle public health care. How the heck can she be a part of a fundraiser supporting it? What a hypocrite. This is precisely why there is a controversy Ryck. She is an open opponent of the charity she is scheduled to represent. The organizers are idiots for thinking this wouldn't happen.

I don't ever recall seeing Rogers say that the CFL should be shut down.

No comparison

Thanks for the repost .. must get on the more..

I think its a big fluff over nothing .. private parties donating didnt want controversy and changed it ...
still stick with my free country free speech thing ..everyone entitled to their opinion and donations all spend the same

I understand that .. but from what he posted shouldnt there be a veiw from both sides .. look at it this way ..she's the other side is she not? so goes with what he is saying? but they changed who was getting the donations .. so people still complained was a no win situation from the start

There really no other side. You wouldn't invite the president of the NRA to a gun control fundraiser would you?

Yeah, the Rogers comparison thing with football is a whole different and probably invalid comparison.

At any rate, I guess people were threatening to not give money any more to the hospitals if this went through so this had an effect in changing where the proceeds went. Very interesting.

I for one am very grateful for the public health system we enjoy here in Canada. I was in Hamilton General hospital from July 10 to August 10 having three separate surgeries to drain a brain abscess. Without our public health system, I very likely would be living on the streets now. So I am catergorically opposed to having someone who is against public health as a speaker at a fundraiser dinner for our hospitals. I certainly will not attend. I realize that the proceeds are now going to another charity.

I believe a better use of my charitable donation money is to something that will not give even a portion of the donation to support someone of questionable character and ability (Sarah Palin). After all she likely is not making this appearance pro bono. Correct me if I am wrong on that please.

Interesting Mike, hope everything is ok now with you.

Here's an interesting read on the visit from the Anchorage News:

Palin to speak at 'socialist' Canadian hospitals' fundraiser

Sarah Palin has been booked for an April speaking engagement at a fundraiser for two Hamilton, Ontario, hospitals that, Think Progress reminds us, are part of Canada's abortion-providing, single-payer health care system and offer the type of end-of-life counseling that Palin has attributed to "death panels." Reaction to news of what would be Palin's first speaking engagement in Canada was swift this morning from readers of the Hamilton paper's Web site. Its online poll asking whether readers would pay to see Palin had more than 1,000 hits and was running about 90-10 against her; read comments here. The gig was booked through Palin's reps at the Washington Speakers Bureau; St. Peter's Hospital for the elderly and the associated Juravinski Cancer Center hope to sell 1,000 tickets at $200 each to cover Palin's $200,000 fee and raise more from selling photos with her. (Most Canadian hospitals are government-funded but sometimes use fundraising for special projects and new construction.) Last month, Palin told a Canadian entertainer that Canadians should "reform" their health care system to let private enterprise profit from it.

The funny thing is that - as the students in my Law & Public Policy course quickly learn is that we actually DON'T have a public health system here in Canada. We have a MIXED-MODEL system that tilts toward the public side while the U.S. has a mixed-model system that tilts toward the private.

This means that Palin would be doing here what's done all the time in the U.S. (and is frequently done here). She would have been doing private fundraising for a hospital.

Unfortunately, this awareness of the system is a nuance that might be missed. Further, in the political debate in Canada, the optics of Palin coming are just bad. We end up making her trip about the health-care debate because of our context.

My take anyway...

The average IQ of Hamilton will be going down a lot...
Is she even qualified to speak about anything?

I should have thought that her 15 minutes of fame were more than up by now. . .

Though I disagree with Palin's views and policy on health care, I see nothing wrong with her coming to Hamilton to speak and raise funds for Hamilton hospitals.

I have no desire to see her speak but my (or dissenting) views shouldn't take precedence over the desire and preference of others.

If you don't like her or want to see or hear her speech, simple... don't go, problem solved, but don't "demand" or make it difficult for others who may wish to do so.

Debate and discussion... good. Stifling an opposing view... bad. (*** though hate-related views should be controlled)

I find it ironic and hypocritical of those that stand up and demand tolerance and acceptance of others (often left-of-center or "socially" conscience types) that then whine, squeal and push to shut out or silence views opposite their own.

Hamilton health care has now suffered a hit due to all the pressure to keep Plain out.

She's a politician with a view/platform for cripes sake... not a Saddam Hussein (murderous dictator).

What hit? They haven’t lost anything. Carmens are the only one who might lose money

She is not the right Guest to Speak in Hamilton we need money for Hospitials.
So now money is going else where.
Could they not get Someone Canadian Why not Steven Harper.... Or Gorden Lightfoot. Pin Ball Clemens
If they Need an American why not Arnold The Govanator He is be great here.
Palin has spoke Bad About Our health Care System. God Forbid she get sick here.
Now Hospitals will have some else in to make up the Funds lost at this Dinner. :roll:

I am sure all those people who expressed their outrage at the inappropriateness
of the organisers' chosing Sara Palin as the speaker at their health care fundraiser

will see the appropriateness of donating enough money to St. Peters Hospital
and the Juravinski Cancer Centre to make up for the money they won't get now.


Actually if you want an American doing a hospital event try someone who actually supports medical care for every citizen. There are a boatload of Democrats including Bill Clinton who tho controversial has a political record of advocating universal health care and actually is quite intelligent and well spoken even if you disagree with him unlike Sarah Palin who goes out of her way to appear to be a dolt. And BTW Ron that would only be a few thousand dollars as Palin will take home 100 times what is left over for a donation. PS. Don't you think many of us already contribute more than she'll raise?

Sometimes I just get sick and tired of all the politics. I think an excellent speaker would be a world renowed medical researcher who is an excellent speaker who could give a more David Suzuki type talk, someone with a scientific background who has done world renowed research but also knows how to relate information to the public. I'm getting sick of politicians doing the talking all the time about health and medicine when half of them probably don't know the first thing about basic biology even.