Sarah Palin a Tiger-Cats fan ?

I wonder where she thinks the new stadium should go ?........Fairbanks perhaps ? :lol:

I'm sure PJ Mercanti won't mind that I poached these photos of Sarah Palin embracing her new Tiger-Cat jersey. :stuck_out_tongue:

To view his entire Facebook "Sarah Palin at Carmens" Album, click here:

[url=] ... id=5621917[/url]

Notice how conservative women are hot and liberals aren't?

Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Michelle Bachmann, Pam Geller


Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, Janet Reno, Whoopie Goldberg

Notice how the liberal women you named have a brain and the conservatives you mentioned dont. Too bad there are so few moderates in US political culture BTW Bush seniors wife is smarter than all of your conservatives and she`s not what I would call attractive

This is one debate I’ll steer clear of…lol :lol:

(although that jersey does seem a tad on the tight side…perhaps Todd had a say in the size) :wink:

However, Ann Coulter is a skeleton so I’ll disagree on that one…

…funny post though Ockham :lol:

Do you know who these women are?

Yes actually.

And you think they don't have a brain?

No I don`t All 4 are radical wingnuts and I lean towards consevatism

8) Well, going by the names you mentioned here, "Ockham", I have to agree with you, wholeheartedly !! :wink: :lol:

Tell you what...after you've been a govenor or house representative of a state, a best selling author or have one of the most popular websites on the Internet come back and tell us how intelligent you are. Until then it's very petty to challenge the intelligence of people who have accomplished the same goals. Provide examples of their absence of a brain or do the honourable thing and find something else to spout off about.

Somehow this has turned into a debate about US politics and how hot the women are.. wow.

To the topic at hand.. how is her holding a jersey make her a fan? For decades bands, politicians, celebrities etc. hold or wear the jersey of a local team or national team of wherever they are.

Maybe keep the forums about football rather than american female politicians?

Tell you what. I`ll agree to disagree on this one. There is no way possible anyone can convince me that any of the 4 has a clue nor will I abdicate the right to call them brainless.

Zen its the Palin factor. She can`t be brought up without the inevitable bar room brawl. She actually encourages the fight

In Palin’s case, that too easy. Seen her interview with Couric, for example ? Showed she was totally clueless. . . as did her interview with Charles Gibson.

Isn’t her 15 minutes of fame up yet?

Because you don't have any proof to base a valid argument upon. Your statement is no better than Sandra Granahan's accusation that she got urinated upon by crackheads at the LDC.

Look Ok I dont want a fight. Say whatever you want, my opinion stands. Some think shes really smart and shrewd, others think the opposite.

The proof IS out there, I just gave you two links.

Clueless? because she wrote a couple of pointers on her hand? Unlike Obama who has to read everything off the invisible teleprompter and is lost if things aren't on the teleprompter for him. Obama speaks off the cuff and put his foot in his mouth, likes to give the nice fuzzy speaches but nothing of substance.
Come on, Palain like other Conservatives have been on the hot seat by the Left wing media. Look at the way the press went after her family, really unfiar.

Yes give me a Conservative smart lady any day - she's down to earth and tells it like it is.

No. . . not that at all.

Clueless because she had no idea what the Bush Doctrine is.

Clueless because she couldn't explain the bailout package coherently. Heck, she could hardly explain anything coherently.

hey I agree, the Liberal media has given her a rough time. They have gave Obama a free ride and the criticism of Palin is really unfair.
....................I love Conservative women........they speak their mind........and pay their way!!! I love Ann Coulter, gets the Liberals upset because she tells the truth. Did you see her speech at Western? again they took her words out of context and the next night the protesters wouldn't let her speak at U of Ottawa. Liberals like free speach........only when the speach is their side!!! Made Canadian university students look really really bad and narrow minded.

No it is not. Look at those clips I posted. . . criticising her intellectual capacity (or, rather, the lack thereof) for high office such as Vice President of the most powerful nation on earth is NOT unfair. No one put words in her mouth, she exposed her lack of knowledge all by herself, so the criticism of her on that score is not unfair.

Has Obama got a free ride? From some sources yes; from Fox News no.

And I totallly agree, sanctimonious far leftists play pretty fast and loose with free speech; as do sanctimonious far right wingers. . . as in "I'm only in favour of free speech as long as you agree with me". . .annoying hypocrites.