Sara Orlesky

Are her looks fading fast or is it because I stopped drinking!

Looks the same to me.

But, TSN's sideline commentators, including Sara, are all pretty weak and ask the same stupid questions with requisite canned stereotypical answers from coaches. How about actually saying, asking, anything intelligent?

Following Sara on twitter now. :expressionless:

wrong forum. this is not football.

she's a sideline reporter with TSN for CFL games; besides that, what good has playing moderator ever done?

and yes, the TSN sideline commentators are all pretty bad / boring.

discussing or commenting on her looks is bush, and certainly not cfl talk material.

Sara did break the story earlier in the year concerning the Trestman/ Corourne feud. As sideline reporters go I like Sara although at times sideline reporters frustrate me when their talk takes away from what is happening on the field. I believe Sara is quick and, to the point but, often I can’t wait until we get back to what is happening on the field as some of these reporters talk too much.

Not this season. This year she has a tendency to drone on and stutter.

As for the OP's beer comment... that's nice. :expressionless:

discussing or commenting on her looks is bush,

Yup, agree FYB and low class behaviour as well. :thdn:

...I am not opposed to having threads run that discuss the various panelists, commentators and colour-people (hell, dissing Rod Black is pretty much a national pastime on this forum), but keep it to their performance and abilities (of which, I shouldn't have to add, personal appearance is not a function of either)...Sara's doing her job, probably better than any of us could...

Agree. Thread belongs in the Off Topic forum with all the other stupid threads there. Been a long time since we've had a good evolution/climate thread. 8)

alright, that's true. thing is, I don't think anyone would have a problem with it if the OP was robosawatsky's comments and then cfl rulz threw in his comment later. Mainly, though, I just think there's no reason for us to declare something to be in the wrong spot.. that's a mod's job and adds as much value to the forum as this thread did in the first place.

I'd like to see a little more insightful questions. I suspect she probably is doing her job better than us on here could.. but there's a couple cookie cutter questions with cookie cutter answers and that's it. It's boring.

i have HD and still think shes hot.

I wonder if she doesnt write her own questions. perhaps the producer in her ear tells her what direction to go with the conversation.


Well then she's a great and usually overly talkative puppet, though the last game I saw her it looked like she upgraded her looks .

If there is a game on my screen I can say what I want about anyone's looks too so tough to those who don't like that.

You can say what you like as long as you don't mind sounding like a tool. Asking if the beer is wearing off is a rather dumb comment to make. :wink:

Ah there's Sara with a good halftime interview with Barnes after getting apparently some coaching perhaps.

She had the same whiny voice in a red dress looking like she does not see much sun at all, but hey it looks like she's making some effort to improve herself.

Otherwise I think they should just find some other attractive and well-spoken gal somewhere in all of Canada, preferably one of the Sunshine Girls, who is just a natural to do the job.

its especially easy to make comments as we hide behind our computers and smart phones.

if we must talkabout her looks, then I have to say that she is a rather plain looking dime a dozen type. Never to be found on any media list of top beautiful women anywhere. She never would have made a playboy bunny, or even a baywatch babe. Anyone getting the hots over her has low standards.

None of which matters to me if she would just shut up during the plays.

Furthermore if anyone in their right mind doesn't think she is awesome attractive physically and from a personality viewpoint from her on air presence at least, well, you're just not normal IMHO.

I obviously have low standards but then "plain janes" have often been more appealing to me than pinup types.