Sara Orlesky re-assigned


YES, I forgot all about THE DOCTOR.

I take back what I said.

Very good take Johnny. :thup: ( dd I just say that ? )
Yes I did. Sincere.

For me , it has nothing to do with her looks.
I just do not like her as a CFL reporter.
As I said, she would do well on a desk.

BTW, it would be fine with me if they would rid all sideline reporters.
IMO, they add nothing to the game.
I know it will not happen, because TSN has reporters assigned to each area and they have to do something.

I really do not like TSN for giving too many sports positions to woman. Lets be honest, males have grown up with sports beginning at a very young age and, I am assuming that girls generally do not have near the sports background as we men have. TSN hires these gals for their sex appeal. They area all very attractive but, I doubt that they have the sports background, nor the experience, as we men have. True, the women, if they have any sports background, they do play tennis, golf, and soccer and, just in the past have they begun to play hockey. Most females are more attracted to fashion, clothes, dolls at their early age. There is one exceptionally attractive gal in my family, who might go to a Bills game but, will be more interested in what other women are wearing than, in the positional play of the football team. It's unfair that today's beauties get most of the jobs reading sports news than do their brothers and fathers who have spent a lifetime around the sports world. Its totally unfair that TSN give the gals to beauties, who are trained to read off the sports news.

You don't think the guys are just like that? How many fat, unattractive young males get hired for their superior knowledge?

Check for Mike Wilner, Arash Madani & Gooner Lawless

Oh, c'mon...'easy on the eyes' is a sexist remark? And so egregiously sexist that it would prevent women from participating in this forum? As far as the dudes go, I think their wives dress 'em...THAT'S probably why he didn't comment on how they looked. That, or he doesn't play on that team. (Not that there's anything wrong with that...oooh Seinfeld...that lines still getting mileage!)
I'm tired of people constantly labeling innocent comments as sexist, or racist. Perhaps if we complemented one another more often in this world, we'd have a bit more tolerance for one another too.

OK - maybe it's just my dirty mind - but does it look like Sara might have been having a little fun the last two weeks in NYC covering the US Open? (check out her neck from this interview earlier today) :slight_smile:

Good for her! If having a hickey is the worst thing you do in this life, God bless you.

No doubt she's having a blast - also and prolly for the first time in her career she's drawing notice from U.S. networks - where she'd be a very serviceable worker for any of them on hockey, football & tennis coverage.

Only negative is she's 32 or 33 and has a young family - might not want the grind of travelling all over America.