Sara Orlesky re-assigned

CFL sideline reporter Sara Orlesky has been re-assigned. Instead of being a sideline fixture at IGF Stadium in Winnipeg (and occasionally gracing other CFL stadiums with her graceful presence) Sara has ben re-assigned to working the U.S. Open Tennis championship in Flushing Meadows, New York.
Saw her this morning (they've glammed her up a tad) doing interviews with Genie Bouchard and others.
She'll do a good job cuz that's what Sara always does. The reason she moved back to Winnipeg from Toronto was to be around her family. But I guess after a few years she's jacked to get out on special assignments. The U.S. Open is special.

Fortunately the one thing TSN has a surplus of is sideline reporters. (ie. John Loo, Farhan Lalji, the kid in Regina, David Amber, a few more). But Sara is their only female reporter unless they plug Kate McKenna back into the breach!

PLEASE , PLEASE , PLEASE let this be permanent.

I think Sara would do well on the TSN desk.
Just can not stand her on the sideline. :thdn:

What would be worse would be Kate McDummy on the sideline. :thdn:

BTW, David Amber does not work for TSN. He is with CBC/RSN. :roll:

Here is an FYI fact. Shawn Churchill did the Winnipeg sideline work for TSN up til 2007.
While doing a game , he was stung by a bee. His throat swelled up and had to be taken to the emergency and put on anti-biotics.
He was then taken off the CFL sideline and replaced by Sara. He has filled in a few times as a replacement.

.....Sarah is easy on the eyes and I thought did a respectable job reporting....Good for her if it works out getting a dif. gig for awhile BUT I want her back :thup:

…nice sexist post, and you wonder why CFL fans are labelled as old sexist and out of touch and why women don’t identify with the CFL or want to post on these boards. I suppose the TSN women to you are just eye candy? what about Jock or Rod? would they be easy on the eyes to you?

Papa certainly doesn't need me to defend him, he is quite capable, but if a woman came on here to say Rod Black was easy on the eyes, it wouldn't bother me. I might think she's a little whacko but that's about it... Don't kid yourself, Sara is there because of her ability and looks.

If there is a desire to get more women to join this board, perhaps I should start posting photos of myself.

In my Stamps or Lions shirts for sure. Gotta keep it clean and on topic.

OK, getting back to serious.

First, Sara is attractive. That is a compliment, not sexist.

Again, I think she would be great on the desk.

I just do not think she does a good job as a sideline reporter.

.....WHOAH....where the hell did that come from...It was meant as a compliment not a sexist remark....Some posters get their nickers in a knot over the silliest things...I swear all of this politically correct crap is beginning to irk me as it has a lot of others...The pendulum has swung way over the line and some people just wait to jump on a harmless remark like that...Petty comes to mind.. :thdn:

cflbest is a TFC troll. Just ignore. He's just stirring the pot.

Anyway, for the record, Sara Orlesky is a babe and if people think badly of me for saying it, they can go pound salt.

I for one don't think Sara O would be particularly great on the desk. That's about the lowest on-air position TSN offers - guys like Gino Redda & Dutchy have been there forever - the current women doing desk are quite alright - especially Tessa Bonhomme who's moved up the ranks since retiring from womens hockey due to concussions. Natasha is almost the perfect desk announcer. Jenn Hedger has really not moved up the chain but obviously happy with her stock in life and drawing a regular pay cheque.

I think Tessa could do sidelines as well as Orlesky, that's about my only comment on those two.

Sara would have to move back to Toronto to work desk cuz TSN has yet to do remote desk. :cowboy:

cflbest may want to comment on the sign at the TFC game on the week-end that made the news. Female fans are quite upset over the lack of class of the sign in section 114.
Of course MLSE and their security staff ( who did nothing even though pictures are telling evidence ) are showing no class to protect their collective A$$'s.
Some soccer supporters at their knucle dragging best !

Wasn't it TFC fans who yelled "**** her in the *****" at a CityTV reporter after a game? Bunch of fools. Knuckle draggers is right.

Can’t understand what anyone sees in Orlesky. Or the rest of the female TSN personalities.

Skinny little thing with a plain Jane girl-next-door look.

It’s like comparing Taylor Swift to Beyonce.

TBH, I can't remember what she looks like. I just called her a "babe" in response to the TFC troll. :wink:

She does a good job and doesn't dress like a hooker to get attention. She does a god job,she's not perfect but who is.

If USA sports networks came up north to recruit our sports women they might not find what they're looking for. Orlesky would be at the top of the list from TSN followed by Tessa Bonhomme (who'd be a good acquire to do Team USA womens hockey but they only broadcast Olympics and world championship medal games).
Natasha Stan'ki would do solid down south - her major problem is she's a tad unexpressive even though her presentation is top drawer.
Jenn Hedger has tried forever to snag an American sports network job - but really not that much room for an over made-up nearly 40 blonde who attempts to over-animate her broadcasts by hyperbole.
Sportsnet has a different type of sportswoman - Jackie Redmond is currently their top dog but American networks have 500 women better than Jackie (better-looking and superior on the stick).
The only one I'd hold out hope for is Caroline Cameron. She's extremely presentable - but has developed too much of a sing-song presentation style that comes off as awkward.
They have another one who's extremely attractive (Evanka Osmak) but always seems she's got a bad case of bronchitis.

She won't be missed by me. Never liked or hated her. She's a blip on the CFL culture.

As for her looks... average at best.

I would say at this point she has received way more attention than she should have on this board.

Well.....she didn't make comments on her looks. Only a few idiots took cheap shots at her on this thread.

I was referring to her looks, as opposed to her ability to read off a list of scores.