Sara Orlesky (CFL Sideline Reporter)

I know Sara is Canadian but her pronunciation of "been"as "bean" is awfully strong and very noticeable compared to Canadians I have come across in my lifetime. This definitely has to do with where in Canada she was raised and/or her immediate surroundings.

Mind you I am not turned off by it; I'm just simply pointing it out.

Yeah pretty much all of us here are

how should one pronounce "been" ??

I'm not telling anyone how to pronounce "been" or any word. I just stated that Canadians I have come across in my lifetime would pronounce "been" softly, unlike Sara who pronounces it "BEAN" (very strong). That is all.

Never noticed. I was distracted by her beauty


Bean for some
Bin for others

Next to pronounce the letter H ( and yes there is a regional difference)

I'm not sure how I pronounce it, but it should actually be pronounced with a long e as in "bean". "Bin" is very sloppy pronunciation.


Now you are going to think about it everytime you say i

Where have you bin?
Where have you bean?
I hear both

She should be fired immediately. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have not been a big fan in past years, but now wow hey I agree and apparently she has been doing well for herself in the time off during the pandemic. I'm a fan now go Sara.

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I think she's great actually, different than Kate, not as bubbly but that is fine, she is who she is and she works for me on the broadcasts.


Sara can pronounce been with no vowels for all I care. She was the only good thing about watching the Ticats lose on Thursday.

Sara was very good. The panel was awful. Milt needs to go imo

Milt to me is hit and miss. I thought he did ok breaking down how Zach got out of contain and had success in the first half.

But it would be nice to see some more recent players come on the panel and shake things up a bit. We seem to get the same tried and true folksy schtick year in year out. Barker at least gives some new perspective but still seems a bit awkward, maybe will get more polished over time.


The panel thingy with guys talking from Tim buk too needs to stop .

It reminds me of the cheap afternoon talk sports shows on the sports networks or on YouTube .

Get them across to work or let them go until they can work .

It's hard enough for the panel when they are in the same room let alone the chiming in late to a conversation . It's not good TV or analysis .

Sara however has done a good job with the space distancing interviews and game lead intros .


No doubt - even before this I am DONE with watching Zoom panels or the equivalent on a TV screen let alone participating in as many of them.

Back in May there were even those Zoom addicts still scheduling crap as things were opening up and the weather was nice. I told them they needed to zoom their assets out the door now.

Whatever comes next with these times, and it's looking rougher with each month through February now, I am not going to be dealing with or watching near as many of those screen panels any more and that's that so TSN should take note as well as others doing live sports.

I do believe that Milt Stegall and Matt Dunigan are scheduled to be back in the studio next week. How that did not happen before, given all this time for preparation, I have no clue.


Milt rules. Long live Milt. Best dressed on the panel.

Remember these 3 things:

"Milt Stegall is always on time, Milt Stegall is always in shape and Milt Stegall always looks good." - Milt Stegall

Got Milt? More Milt!


Couldn't agree more praireiedog, love Milt.

I cant stand the guy.....I have never seen anyone more conceited than him!

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