Saputo Stadium

With the announcement of the possible/probable expansion of Saputo Stadium to 20,000 seats in order to obtain an MLS franchise, could it ever be possible for the Alouettes to play any games there? If renovated, the capacity would be about the same as Percival Molson.

Why would they want to?
Although its a nice stadium? It is right beside the Big oh oh and out of the way.(5 minutes from me though)
The Als are much better off staying downtown.

That's why, one reason anyways, the Argos didn't go through on the York Univ thing, too far from where the action is, downtown. And they couldn't get a deal done properly with U of T who didn't want them.

Definitely if you can you want to stay downtown I think, unless there is a deal to be made with the soccer people. You have to think they are going to want to have as many dates as possible booked in their new stadium to increase revenue streams.

Why would they want to downsize? Molson Stadium is being expanded to 25 000 seats.

Is that the Cheese scented stadium?

Like others have said the als, especially after all they've invested are better off at Molson. Plus I have a feeling the Impact don't want to share their new toy with a football team. The point of SSS was to not have to share with NFL teams. It's a * to maintain the pitch and the lines have been at the forefront of MLS fan concerns.