Santos to Montreal, R. Johnson & Mayne to Winnipeg

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I guess the rebuild is officially on in the Peg.

Santos is a good kid with potential, but will need good coaching and structure to be effective, especially considering the Bombers’ lack of a marquee receiver.

My Als get a good Canadian end, nice job Popp!

Difficult to understand that the Bombers would trade for a QB-ranked 4th on Als roster and coming off a 9 game injury list this Thursday- for 2 Non-import defensive linemen. Rick Santos for Riall Johnson and Shawn Mayne. While we don't get 2 all stars, they are non-import and a great need by the Als,particularly on the defensive line. As I wrote before, I felt that we-The Als- had no defensive linemen-N- and had to dress 6 import defensive linemen,which weakened us in other positions. With this trade,there will not be more than 5 import linemen dressed,enabling us to add an import receiver or an import defensive back.

Off the 2 players acquired, Riall Johnson is the best and I expect him to play this Friday in Hamilton.

A very good trade by the Als; we give/trade a QB who had no future with us for 2 defensive linemen who will add to our depth and allow us to solidify in WR or DB.

I feel sorry for the Bombers fans; hope that this QB will help you in the future.


It makes no difference who we get for QB. With a poorly coached team. No real offensive playbook. Bad MGT leadership, the ship will sink for all to see. Will Hildahl have enough brains to throw out the lifejackets.

I agree, Richard. Giving up two guys for a fourth-string quarterback doesn't make a whole lot of sense... and neither does Winnipeg's QB situation. By now it has to be clear that Michael Bishop isn't the guy, and the Bombers should probably go with a young guy. They now have LeFors, Bramlet, and Santos... plus anyone else I'm missing. Guess the Bombers have a playoff to see who becomes the new franchise guy.

Edit: Just noticed they also have Randall. This team is snatching up QBs left and right. :lol:

...any team that has five QBs has no QBs....

It's funny... he was ragging on coaches who use the shotgun formation, saying they don't know how to coach a QB properly... Well, after watching him go through numerous QBs, I'm beginning to think he doesn't know how to coach a QB properly... The sooner the Bombers dump this clown, the better off they'll be.

That's the key right there. Root of the Bombers problem. :thup:

The Riders did but at least they allowed one to develope!!!

bingo.... :expressionless:

Randalls been released, with Lefors on the 9 game, that only leaves the three standing.

Time will tell won't it Chief? Kelly made some pretty good moves along the way and he's made some pretty stupid moves,in my opinion as well. Now it looks like he's making desparate moves to try and salvage a season that is pretty much already lost! Is it all Kelly's fault?? I don't know because I'am not involved in the day to day desision making of the Blue Bombers. All I know is the you know what, is going to hit the fan and it's going to happen shortly! Do you know why? Because this once very proud franchise is playing terrible and the fans who support it have already began strongly voicing their displeasure and it will continue.
The Winnipeg Blue Bomber Football Club....IS NOT A GARBAGE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!! Right now it is being run by people who don't seem to have a clue what their does not mean that the Franchise is garbage and certainly not all the people who will always support myself.
Hopefully Asper takes over sooner rather than later...cleans house...and then"Hopefully" we'll be a respectable franchise on the field once again because we already are a respectable franchise off the field and always will be.

I thought he was going to be the "Future"?? Does the Bomber management have a bloody clue Piggy??

Right on, Richard. My thoughts exactly.

I really hope Santos pans out for the Bombers. The people in Winnipeg deserve better than The Mike Kelly Gong Show...

Where'd ya hear that Randall's been released? Was it in the paper or something?

He's been released. All these moves look and smell like salary dump to me.

well KJ is sitting in TO doing nothing, if Bomber managment had any brains they would try and lure him over since they blew it with Printers

Riall Johnson and Shawn Mayne were both expendable. Johnson had a grand total of 5 tackles this season (3 of them on ST), has only played in 5 games and wasn't very effective on the d-line after Perry went down. IIRC Mayne was on the PR for at least the first month of the season and has only played in 4 games. The starting d-line for the Bombers will likely now consist of Willis-Smith-Brown-Walls with Donnie O rotating with Brown and Landry (and possibly Hunt) rotating with the others.