Santos & Ball

Does anyone have any info on Ricky Santos & David Ball. How they doing? any Chance Ball will play this year?

It is doubtful that you will see Ball or Santos play this season. I think you might see Ball crack the lineup next season IF Watkins gets a tryout in the NFL and Cahoon retires both good possibilities unfortunately. Santos is in the same situation. Als have two "carreer" backups in Brady and Banks. If one of those two is let go or moves on. They are both very young quality players who are learning a new game...

If I'm not mistaken, Santos is on the Als practice roster right now.

So is David Ball. They both played together at New Hampshire. One of the great combos in college history.

Does anybody know the status of these players?

Looks like they've been released...

On CFL Transactions List of Oct. 1, Santos is shown as being signed for 2009 and I guess he doesn`t take up a Practice Roster spot this way.
Interesting that Calgary has just signed ex-Als QB Will Proctor to their Practice Roster.
David Ball last shown as being added to Pracice Roster on Oct.3, and then seems to have disappeared into the CFL Transaction Twilight Zone.

I would think he's been signed for next year as well.