Santino Hall....GOOD ADDITION

:?: :?: I guess we have nothing to lose in bringing in Hall.....we have a few holes in the secondary that need fixing.....maybe he will make a difference.....if nothing else he can bring the Riders play book with him ...just a week too late... :D

bring the Riders play book with him? :lol: then Winnipeg might have a good defence :wink: for once :stuck_out_tongue:

I also see the little fellow (Taman) wants to bring Tim Carter back as well as a late cut from KC by the name of Justin Perkins, there may be hope for the defence yet.

So if Hall is starting on Saturday (which I heard on CJOB) which DB is losing his starting position??

let it be coleman... please.

probably Justin is out....heard he was injured ...anyway...there are going to be 2 other players released soon....according to Taman...but who is anyones guess... :?:

WHEN THE YOU SUCK....THE AXE WILL FLY. Hopefully, taman can still pull a rabbit out of the hat.

coleman, gyetvai, miller, gallant, and westwood( only if a miracle of a ryan multiyear got signed) have got to be on the line. coleman and miller would be my first two guesses. i have always liked miller but i must admit his days are numbered. coleman is the only import on this list so i say he is the first to go.

I agree blackdale, coleman has got to go..Westwood has cost us alot of win's,in his career...never understood why we kept him around so long...

I have never been a big Waterboy Miller fan and would not be sad to see him leave, even though Taman is trying to bring in some guys, Hall and Taylor, I think they also have to look at the LB position, McGriggs I think is on the bubble. I wonder if they ever thought about playing a 3 - 4 and moving Canada back with Woodson, Wick and too bad he is gone Fells, I think that would have made a nice LB core.

got to agree PIGSEYE...they should have kept Fells in the line-up.....I think Wickman is showing a little fatigue and W illie would have filled the bill...good on special teams as well. also start Ockimey for McGriggs would help.........a 3-4 could shore things up.....but I'm afraid if they change things too much will cause more confusion to an already befuddled defense.....especially with new guys starting....we need Rust back....he'd straighten things out...

Yes Pap a 3-4 would have our D looking at each other during the play, but if they could of run the 3-4 when Kieth took off in the 4th quarter, he would of been planted in the turf..

FYI - Justin Coleman and Darnell McDonald were released.

thankyou, this is good news