Sankey returns

I like Ben Sankey always a class guy and good qb. Barrick Nealy will take back up for now but expect Ben to move up. Another QB is coming in the next week or so from Florida State University Xavier Lee wiil be added to the roster soon.

What about Crandell?

LOL I think he will end up in TO LOL

Yeah what about Crandell?

I'm missing a few things RW2005.

(1) Is Sankey back in Calgary?
(2) Is Burris that hurt that he is out for a while?

I know I live in the "Boonies" but I usually am up to date.

Marty York reports the Regina City Police have arrested Marcus Crandell and charged him with cruelty to animals. Regina Police spokesman Gainer A LaGopher stated that Crandell was throwing numerous footballs into the ground around Taylor Field. The SPCA are being consulted and charges are pending.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yeah, they should think about Crandell, he's better then Sankey.

Calgary might be for a little slip with Hank and Dave gone...

I would take Sankey over Crandell.

I think Crandell is done in this league.

Sankey over Crandell any day

Stankey is actually a very good QB.

Crandell>Sankey LOL that is too funny.

Crandell actually can be very effective coming off the bench, but i believe the Stamps are aware of his chronic hamstring injuries and wouldnt pull the trigger.

They took a chance on dave and lost, that wont happen again. In this day of sms you cant....unless of course your Tillman.

I kid!

winnipeg needs to ship kevin glenn out to calgary, winnipeg is done for the season, start re-building, ship stegall and glenn to calgary for a bunch of young guys. Also Dicksenson needs to retire, too many concussions, too stubborn to quit.

Calgary doen't need Stegall. They have very good recievers. Sregall is still hurting. I don't think even Tilman would take him at this point.

MP thanks both have hit their expiry date. We have good receivers we need one good dlineman and T George is on his way back soon.
Sankey I have told you before is better then Glenn and Milty I hate to say has lost a step and would probably not make our roster as a backup. I love the guy but seriously he should have retired last year.

dickenson was a chance but he gave much more then a backup but gave his expertise to the sideline and I hope he will be there for the rest of the season as an injured player. Crandell is done in this league he was done a long time ago.

This is where we disagree.

I think with a decent group of receivers, and coming off the bench, he could do well.

Sankey stated on his return to Calgary via radio media:
I am like the house guest you can not get rid of! LOL

Apparently, Sankey has a 63% pass completion. Not bad... :cowboy: this case Sankey > Crandell...and I'll tell you one BIG reason why...

...Sankey played here last year and is very familiar with Cortez's offensive play calling...his ramp-up time will be minimal compared to Crandell, who would have to start from scratch learning Cortez's system...

...and I think we'll see DD on the sidelines, at least at the home games and the close road ones (not sure if he can fly), due to his 9 game IR status, he is still under contract....this will be great because his primary role was mentor to Hank and Barrick and now Ben and he can do that just as easy in street clothes as he can with shoulder pads on...