Sandy Beveridge

He was awful always has been not even sure he has ever been a good back up. Probably the worst safety in the league by far. You'd think he would've learn something from watch Hitch all those years. He is such a contrast and strikes no fear in receivers to go over the middle they know they wont get hit hard and better yet he will likely miss the tackle. He always seems out of position due to either being too slow or poor anticipation. He may have a good football IQ, but he certainly doesn't use it to make up for his obvious lack of skills. His angles are bad on tackling and when he tries to tackle its a miss. Those are 2 realitvely simple things you are taught young angles and proper tackling he does neither. What does he run a 5 second 40.

I am not saying that Sandy was perfect on every play,
but whose was, especially when the opposing QB is 17 for 25?

You, adawg, like everybody else here watched the game on T.V.
and saw Sandy Beveridge at the crime scene a handful of times

He may have been the perpetrator of the crime or one of the cops.

Greg Marshall, arguably one of the best defensive co-ordinators in the CFL

does game film analysis on Sandy every game, adawg,
and he has determined that Sandy will start for now.

I dont see Greg Marshall second guessing himself even if
Sandy's play last night was as bad as some of you say it was.

He maybe one of the best DC's in the league, but it didn't show last night. His defence came ill prepared and it appears some players may have been over evaluated. Just because he is the coach doesn't mean he makes the right decisions. The head coach made the wrong decisions on QP last year. It happens all the time. I may have watched the game on TV, but I have watched the guy live as well and I would give him te benefit of the doubt if I never have. Its much the same as last year and live though he is god awful either way. In fact he looks better on TV then live as his pure lack of ability shows even more when you are live.

At least 5-6 guys had a horrible game and yet only Sandy gets mentioned.

Rottier and Shivers have been lambasted for this game too.

Why is it Beveridge gets criticised on here for so many games, and so often?

Because he was the worst of the bunch. He was hyped up in the papers by the coach and was the worst defensive player last year. He gave up some really huge plays and really shouldn’t even be playing pro ball. He is the longest serving Cat and not sure for what reason. 5-6 guys had a bad game, but Sandy has never had a good one thats why he is mentioned.

Did anyone notice this, and if so have a comment on it?
WPG's third possession of the second qtr. on the Edwards' 90-yd TD reception -- Beveridge and Barker were both on. As the ball was snapped, Barker was in the middle, in MLB position up quite tight to the line, and Beveridge was further back and just outside the left end. As the play started to develop, Baker looked lost and Shivers was on his own to watch Edwards blow by.

I did notice that. Beveridge was a lot closer to where the ball ended up. Barker looked lost.

Maybe they need to start an import at FS.. They have enough starting Canadians to do it.

In case you didn't notice, the whole team played like sandlot amateurs last night (with a few rare exceptions of course eg: Thigpen)

We got roundly outplayed and out coached.........

Watch the play, Bev had deep responsibility and left his zone to help on a short receiver who was well covered, how in any way was it Barkers fault?

Cant believe all these Beveridge bashers pretty much blaming the whole loss solely on him. Barker wouldnt done any better as proven in the past; hence the decision made by the coaching staff to go with Beveridge. Maybe it was a wake up call for the whole team, they need to get their act together and stop assuming they have an automatic ticket to the GC. How quickly everyone forgets the good and belittles a player whos given alot of years, not to mention countless hours volunteering in the community.

I hardly ever hear Beveridge's name out there, although he's always in the area. At times it seems like he's invisible. In his prime he was not bad, but now, time for him to pass on the tourch to Barker. This game it wouldn't have made much of a noticable difference, but in a close one, Barker could be a difference maker.

You gotta love TiCat fans! Shivers gets burned for 2 touchdowns and has a pass interference call in the endzone. Sure looks like 21 points against the halfback but we jump on the safety. Go Figure :roll: :roll: :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

A little help in the middle would sure help. Beveridge is good kid - not an Ian Logan. did you notice there was little if no help in the middle last night. Believe it or not, that is Sandy’s responsibility. Marginal player at the best. The only reason the kid is there is becuase they don’t have confidence in Barker and he is Canadian.

If Coach Marshall thought Barker was ready to start he would be. End of story.

PatLynch, how dare you break up a good Beveridge bashfest?? I know it was his fault they ran all over us too and he was to blame that some of our other vets STILL have trouble wrapping up the tackle.

Has Sandy stayed deep on the 90 yard td Winnipeg would have been punting from deep in their end, so that was like a 10 or 9 point play right there, then another play Edwards caught a 10 yard pass that went for another 30 or 40 yards because of a missed tackle. It's just things like that that changes momentum and costs games, you can hide behind MArshall's choice all you want it doesn't mean he is right and it doesn't change the fact he had a horrible game.

I commented yesterday on the depth chart thread that starting Sandy was a mistake and he proved me right last night. Suiter pointed out how it was Beveridge that blew the coverage leading to the first Edwards TD. It was comical watching him try to cut off Fred Reid when the cats got within 8 points. Bottom line is he doesn't make any plays. Your safety has to break up dowfield pass plays (see Ian Logan) or provide quick run support (comical effort) and Sandy can't do either.

Shiver had a bad game but does anyone consider that it's because the halfbacks get zero support from # 19.

He is the worst safety in the league bar none. How many times has Barrin Myles been a key factor in BC wins? MANY!!!

Based on last night, would any Ticat fan take Ian Logan straight up for Sandy in a trade? ABSOLUTELY!!!

I said this many times last year, your safety has to be a playmaker and Beveridge never has been and never will be.

Oh I long for the Days of Brenner, Bennett, or Hitchcock at safety. Give Barker a chance please!!

What do you expect when we are forced to start Canadians. There really is just not enough good Canadian players and its about time they reduce the number. Look at the terrible OL, all Canadians!!

This theory doesn't hold up, the best o-line in the league is in Montreal, and all 5 starters are Canadian.

Because they had quality players, last night we saw what happens when a guy is completely out of his element, Obie and our coaches need to realize and wake up quick that we don't have great depth or that great of Canuks on our team and we definitely don't have the luxury of being able to start more than we have to.