Sandy Beveridge

Beveridge is terrible. Same as last year. No surprise. Why we play 11 vs. 12 continues to be a mystery.

Ill second that.


Wow you don't waste any time do you.....


what is...

No need to waste time, this guy has never been any good. Same as last year.

Beveridge is awful. I believe i stated this in a previous thread and he lived up to it, i know he has a great football IQ but he's simply too slow.

also sandy doesn't hit anyone..i mean even buck doesn';t slide when he sees beveridge coming
sandy is a good with the community and a good guy but he doesn't even deserve to play special teams let alone start
i have to question marshall

We had 7 people watching the game and it was unanimous.

Funny thing is, it was like everyboday was thinking it but nobody wanted to say anything until my 13 year old nephew from Pittsburgh asked who number 19 was, and when I simply answered "Sandy Beveridge", the 13 year old's reply was, "He stinks".

That opened the floodgates and everybody got in on it even making sarcastic comments about the coaches' praises in the Spec. It was pretty funny.

8) He can't be much slower than Shivers is :wink:


Yes and that didn’t help the cause.

Barker in Beveridge out?
Heyward in Shivers out?

Sounds like a plan to me. :thup:

Maybe he can be on the sidelines with a headset using that IQ to coach Barker.

I mean really, did you see that total lack of effort as he was running towards Reid expecting someoene else to make the tackle? Well guess what? The tackle ewasn't made and Beveridge just ended up looking at Reid's back as he accelerated past BVeveridge's angle, at which he point started to run hard but it was too little too late, Beveridge was already left in his dust.

Absolutely brutal lack of effort!

Can't even tackle a QB who just slid right through his arms for about 5- 7 yards and a TD. It's painful to watch.

Darts to Rottier and Shivers too. They were schooled pretty much all night.

Yes, :thup: and add Ramsay in, Rottier out. That one should have been done at halftime.

Sandy Beveridge is a good player.... mnost of the team was lacking was not just one player... I mean really now. To pick on one player.... it's not like Sandy could've stopped everything on his own. People have bad games...also make mistakes its the first game of the season....apparently Sandy has proven why he is there.

Ah yes, forgot that one.
I have faith in this team, we'll bounce back.
Don't forget, it was their home opener, they had revenge on their minds, and we clearly have some adjustments to make.

Lets look on the bright side......and the bright side is..............THIGPEN IS A BEAST.

SB is a really nice guy who has been on his way out of this club as a player for some years.

Dilan Barker is his replacement, and has shown that he has whatever it takes.

I have a little more sympathy for Rottier, plugged in by injury and brutatlly outplayed all night. I think we can afford the loss, given the Larks lost too, and we have three more games against Wpg, and team spirit will be wanting to defeat them.

It upsets me more that QP was stuck in on the Offensive side. This guy sat around all game, watched the OL underperform, ad tried to run because he has zero ability to "read" a defence He is NOT a starting QB and never will be. Adam T needs to go in in relief, and run the defenses a bit more ragged, and tonight proved that point. Marcel, give your head a shake!

Beveridge had a tough one but how about Shivers. He should be sent to the practice roster. No wonder the Argos didn’t resign him. Thigpen is a stud and McDaniel was awesome as usual. Maybe the TiCats will sign Belton Johnson after the Riders released him a couple weeks ago.

Rottier was thrown to wolfs … and he was Destroyed
Huge Coaching Error…
All Camp he was playing Guard the switch from Tackle to gaurd to hard to do .
Ramsay Need to start at Tackle next week

Let Pray Jason can come back Early
The Ticats can Recall 1 player from 9 game early each half of the season.
We need a Nasty boy at that Tackle spot…
The why Goodspeed was let go… cause he lost a Step
had nothing to do with Salary IMO

no he isnt a good player...
and im not blaming the loss on just him I think the hole team was weak but there were about 4 people who really stuck out and he was one of them.