Sandy Beveridge is calling it quits

Ticat Beveridge calling it quits:

All the best to you Sandy, I know you where a volunteer in Binbrook, glad you got the Job Brother!
Thanks for all you did for the Tiger-Cats!

I've always respected Sandy and I appreciate all of his contributions to the team and the community.

I truly wish him all the best and hope he has a long and safe career as a fire-fighter. They are truly heroes in my opinion.

We'll miss you, Sandy. Best of luck.

Best of Luck Sandy and THANK YOU for your many years as a Ticat!

Thank You also for getting involved in the community! :thup:

I'm sure the TigerCats were aware that he could leave for such an opportunity.

Why shouldn't he make it during the season?? If someone better came along, they would cut him without a blink. People seem to forget that. Why should he pass up his dream job to play football for a few more years?? God forbid he should actually think about himself and his future instead of all the fans who bash and hate him around here. :roll:

Thanks for your many years of contribution to this City and the team, Sandy.

And you are B.C. transplant to Ontario, too. Good on you!

Sad to see him go. Long time cat and loyal to the city. All the best, Sandy!

What will all the Beveridge haters do now? Guess they will have to find another player to crap on.

Nobody "crapped" on him personally. He received a little critisicism because he was a step slow and was playing at the expense of Dylan Barker, whom imo is the sentimental and much better choice.

Sad to See Sandy Go

I wish him the best with new Job as Hamilton Firefighter. :thup:

Crap on him for not putting fires out fast enough?

3 Marc Beswick,
26 Ray Wladichuk

One of these to guys will be Back up at Safety this week

8) How right you are Banshee. If Sandy said no to the fire department at this time, he could wait a long long time before
 he got another chance at it !!!

 Congrats to him, for making a wise choice !!!

Beveridge has put alot of work into this team and there were alot of times where he could've bailed on us.Thanks Sandy, for the great football and unrivaled loyalty to the team.Best of luck with your future endeavors.

I'd also like to add that while everybody wanted Barker to start, this isn't the way we wanted it to go down.Sad to see you go Sandy, but again congrats of a great career and good luck :thup:

Best of luck Sandy and thanks for great contribution to te Tiger-Cats.

Good Luck to Sandy…

Another great former Ticat, Marv Allemang also chose a career with the Fire Department…

I see a new calendar boy!

Good luck Sandy. Sure hope you can cook!

So who's the longest continuously serving Ti-Cat now? (I would guess Auggie has the most total years, but his tenure was interrupted by the trade to Edmonton).

I wanna say it's Marwan

I just read the story on Sandy and I had no idea exactly how much he contributed...

He made over 450 personal appearances and committed more than 1,500 hours on behalf of the team at school and hospital visits, minor football clinics, and various other appearances that benefited local charities and community groups.

Beveridge also purchased over 2,000 tickets on behalf of McMaster Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House for kids to attend games throughout his time with the organization.

What a truly great guy.