Sandy back to normal.

Glad he got the article in the Spec this, and he was the feature in tonight's game program and on the jumbotron, because he reverted to type tonight. I'm not saying he was to blame for the loss as this was a team stinkeroo, but Sandy had a poor game and his lack of cover speed was badly exposed. When the D-line creates some pressure, he is ok, but when they don't like tonight, he is a liability.

Well said Cager he has very little speed

So it was a "team stinkeroo" and yet still.. some of you find fault in 1 payers game to blame them for something.. either he was to blame... or not.. black or white here!!

He sucked and so did the rest of them how's that for black and white

So sign up.. go to camp. .take his job.. and quit crying!

I don't live in my mom's basement, I was AT the game (moron) and i sure do not need respect from you!

you might want to heed what you speak

Yeah. It's sandy's fault that the run defense stunk it up and he had to make all the tackles. Buy a clue.

If your safety has to make as many as SB made last night, there’s a problem that has nothing to do with the abilities of the safety. I thought SB was about on par or better than the rest of the defensive unit

IMO, Sandy did his normal workman like job.

I was impressed with his play,

especially the two touchdown-saving, wrap up tackles he made
in the open field on speedy players breaking past everybody else.

I still don't get it why some people's only measure of success
for a safety is the number of bone-rattling tackles he makes.

Our best safety ever used to use a roll block
to take a man's feet out from under him.

The worst thing would be to start pointing fingers. This is really a team loss from the HC on down to a better team. While losing is the worst thing in sports. I think this loss might remind the guys that they haven't arrived yet and they will have to work really hard to get there this year.

ronfromtigertown is right. Sandy was alright, did his job.

And that safety who used a roll block was a guy named Garney Henley, for those who don't remember. He very rarely made the bone-rattling tackles some folks seem to demand of their safety. Didn't stop him from having a HOF career, numerous all-star selections, and a place on the Wall of Honour.

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Sandy stopped Avon Cobourne from taking off for a TD at least 6x and stopped Kerry Watkins from taking off 2 or 3 times and your telling me he didn't do his job? He was the only one that did do his job last night...

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Your not comparing this guy to Garney Henley, when the defence is out there all night your bound to make a few tackles, he is not to blame for the loss but he doesn't help matters the guy just arrives to late not very swift a foot it also took him 4 or 5 years to become a starter on some bad football teams

....Here's more "A" typical Ticat fan talk. Can we not stay focused on the team and the +'s and -'s, why does this have to get personal?


I knew people would be commenting on SB's play, (based on the spec article and the program cover etc.) so I decided to watch him for most of the game. (I was worried that I might miss something else but that obviously didn't happen.) From what I could see I think he played his position and he played it well. There was one play over the middle in the first half that might have seemed like he was out of position but he wasn't. As the play developed it was clear that he and Bradley were switching responsibilities. The ball was snapped and Sandy ran in and covered his guy but Bradley was late getting back to the middle and was trailing the reciever. Over all SB is a good Safety IMHO, he is not an allstar and is not likely to be selected to the hall of fame, but he plays his position and he plays it well.

Having said that I think Barker should start from now on. The only reason I say that is for the young girl sitting behind me. She obviously had a thing for Dillon. She was calling out his name and watching for him on every play (Offense, Defence and Special teams). She even saw him help a guy up and proclaimed that he was obviously ment to be with her. I think this was likely her first game, so to bring her back and get her cheering really loud when our defence is on the field lets start Barker. :wink:

Whatever it takes to get Barker in the line-up I will support.

I watch the safety too, including the one from the other team. Beveridge has absolutely zero lateral movement. He starts backpedaling on every snap rather than watching the play develop and then making the appropriate move. This is because he has no closing speed and poor reaction quickness. He needs to create as much space as possible so he can adjust, but the space allows too many open receivers to make catches. Then SB reacts AFTER the catch, rather than being in position to break up the play. For those who want to praise his downfield tacking ability, I accept he makes some tackles on players after they've got the ball but to me that sounds suspiciously like specials teams play. That's what he is, a special teams player and nothing else.

If it means more ticket sales :thup: not that I agree its a great move but getting younger won't hurt long term