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The #Ticats have re-structured the contract of K S. DeAngelis.After a bad 2010, paycut comes off his base. Gets bonus to sign new deal. #CFL

This is excellent news! Push him to kick better next year at Ivor Wynne.

Stunk out the joint all year but deserves kudos for carrying on Setta's youth charity work.

I said it last year when everyone wanted him gone, "every PRO player has an off year" Sandro is one of the most stand up players on the team, he was out there every practice with either Jason or now its Eric 30min before any other player hit the field! We talked alot and he is a well rounded individual and I belive he will be back in his game and help us win the 2011 Grey Cup!!
Oskee Wee Wee!!

Agreed, zj. I was a little mean spirited when I saw that story yesterday, but good job on his part for taking that over. Glad to see he was willing to re-structure his contract since last year wasn't his best. I look forward to improvement this year.

Everyone has a bad year
The Ticats will bring in a few more kickers to Camp ..

I think this will bring best out of Sandro..

too bad people didn't say that about Setta, they didn't give him any more chances and he did the job of 2 guys.

Lots did Bro!


For that type of money he had to be perfect. Honestly, I would cut him now if ANYONE half decent becomes available to replace him.