I am surprised i havent read anything about sandros play yesterday. its the best of the year and i hope thats the end of the hump for him. so congrats sandro.

I'm surprised people still aren't calling for his release to be honest :wink:

He had a good game. Maybe it's just that perople EXPECT that out of him... lol

Was 3/3 overall and 2/2 outside of 40. Hopefully he goes on a real roll from here on out.

He looked good out there, and I liked what he said in his post game interview.

He spoke to Paul and that seem to help he Said

I wonder if not doing the kickoff duties may have been beneficial to Sandro as well? One bad punt but other than that Wilber seemed to do a good job on the kickoffs and the punts especially with some time I think.

Wonder if Bomber fans are calling for Serna to be dumped. After missing two in a row like that, how good could he be.

Good to see Sandro get back on track. Looks like the talk with Paul did some good.

During the 5th quarter (a radio call in show after ti-cats games in case you're not familiar) one Bomber fan called in saying he was unhappy with Serna, but how many Bombers fans share that opinion I'm not sure.

He has been inconsistent over his career so it wouldn't surprise me if they want him gone.

I have to admit that I originally meant this as a joke to point fun at the way Ticats fans had been jumping on DeAngelis for missing a few field goals early in the season. I hadn't paid attention to Serna's record, and had no idea that he was struggling as well. And now it's official - Serna's been dumped, and they've picked up Louie Sakoda.

not surprised.