Sandro Update

The following is copied from the Montreal Gazette's Alouette Blog. Gotta wonder how the Als can afford to have him on the Reserve List, at full pay with the dollars counting under the SMS, for every game, so far, this season. Not only do I wonder how, but also why? Maybe they feel, that it's worth paying the "insurance premium" because some other team might offer up somebody good in a trade when they loose their kicker to injury.
Thanks, but no thanks: Als kicker Sandro DeAngelis, yet to play this season, had no interest in coming home to Niagara Falls this week or attending Friday’s game against the Tiger-Cats. DeAngelis signed with Hamilton as a free agent in 2010, but was released last May.

“I didn’t get the chance to rebound for the Ticats. Obviously, I’m not going to get the chance to play in this game,? he said. “Life isn’t always fair.?

The Als have been known to allow healthy scratches to attend road games, but DeAngelis had no such desire.

“There’s no use going to the game and reliving bad memories,? he said. “I’m an Alouette now. Part of the reward of playing is road trips. If you’re not playing, you don’t go.?

DeAngelis, it seems, has been ostracized from the team. He spends most practises alone, kicking in the end zone, while Sean Whyte gets most, if not all, the work.

Maybe people should just let him get on with his life. It’s as if people are just waiting for reasons to hate him more.

I guess 1 bad season in the Hammer equates to people stalking the rest of your career just waiting to mock you.

The way Sean Whyte has been punting and kicking off. Sandro may get playing time at some point anyway. Als have a kid coming in next year as well so it isn’t out of the question that the Als could go with Sandro and McKnight would share duties next season. If Montreal released Sandro today he would be signed by another team in a minute.

While I'd understand your comments applying to threads on DeAngelis during the past off-season, I don't see how they fit here in response to my comments or those of the Montreal football reporter.


Sandro is not Mike O'Shea. Got it, folks?

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What I don't get is why this is a story. Why would a Montreal paper even bother reporting this? Was anyone in Hamilton even talking about DeAngelis this week? I didn't hear one word about him.

It was written in the Montreal Gazette's Alouette Blog, Hamilton fans most likely weren't the target audience. If I were an Als fan I'd be very interested in knowing why he's on the payroll.

BTW, what are Timmy Chang, Kevin Eakin and Richie Williams up to?

Here your Answer Kirk … LOL

timmy Chang: on probation

On July 2, 2009, Chang was arrested at his Mililani home on suspicion of robbery. Honolulu police say a woman was filming a fight in the Pearlridge area and when Chang told the woman to stop filming it, a struggle ensued and the suspect allegedly took the camera and threw it on the roof of a nearby building. Chang has been released pending further investigation.[8] Chang was booked on criminal property damage and harassment, and pleaded guilty to both crimes in February 2010. His plea deal includes six months probation and requires him to attend an anger management assessment

Ritchie Williams : auto racing pit crew member
he is concentrating on making it as a auto racing pit crew member. While the intensity of training and desire required in each endeavor might be in the same ballpark, he says there’s no comparison in ear drum abuse.

[url=] ... lanes.html[/url]

Kevin Eakin : was a QB AFL 2 AFL 2 is now Dead
He is now signed with the Tennessee Valley Vipers of the af2 for the 2009 season as starting quarterback. Eakin was the Vipers starter for the final 15 games of the season last year, including the four playoff wins.

AFL 2 is now no more so where kevin went from there is anyone’s guess

I will answer why people are jumping on Sandro DeMissALot and not guys like Timmy Chang, Kevin Eakin or Richie Williams...

SD came into Hamilton amid much fanfare and hoopla. He was highly paid. He HAD been a star player. He was also arrogant and cocky. I could deal with the arrogance and cockiness if he performed. He did not. Then, to add to it, after he didn't perform he did not shoulder any blame. There was excuse after excuse. Then he wonders (out loud) why he didn't "get a chance to rebound in Hamilton". The guy is poison and, although I've never been in there, I bet he was a cancer in the dressing room.

One more thing...

Another reason that I personally can't stand him is because he came in to replace a perfectly good, well liked, hard working starting kicker (Nick Setta) that could punt and kick FG's and failed miserably.

His arrogance aside, Rusty, I just don't understand what the problem was with SD. Other kickers have come in here to play and didn't seem to have that much of a problem.

Tiger cats had two kickers in camp this year and they both aced field goals in this same stadium. Medlock is currently doing very well on the same field that SD had such a crisis with.

If SD was so experienced, so good in Calgary and so highly regarded, why could he not get it done here and yet two kickers who haven't had nearly as much time in this same facility do so well. Didn't Ozzy even offers his advise at one point to SD last season?

I'm honestly not trying to be mean to SD, but this question has been perplexing me since training camp this year. I'm not a kicker so I don't understand all the complexities of the job. So this question is coming from ignorance.

I just don't get it!!!

Another reason that I personally can't stand him is because he came in to replace a perfectly good, well liked, hard working starting kicker (Nick Setta) that could punt and kick FG's and failed miserably
Agreed, Setta was also popular in the community and worked with kids and did his hospital volunteering.

But now we have a guy that can do it all, kick FGs, great punter, can also step in as a tackler and possibly backup QB if needed.

Backup QB? Do tell ...

Setta did that too!

Yes Setta was Emergency QB for the Irish back in Collage
he threw 1 pass