Sandro signs with the Als

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Here's hoping he can miss a 17 yarder in the Eastern final for the win and a berth in the Grey Cup for the Ti-Cats! :stuck_out_tongue:

I expect what he's missing is thousands and thousands and thousands of $$$$$.

Another move for his family and more distractions ? Will compete with Sean Whyte ,whom they just traded for, for placekicking.

...are they trying to upgrade from Duval, because i know Duval played quite poorly last year, but i dont think they achieved their goal with this one :lol:

How must Sean Whyte feel? He gets traded on draft day to finally get out from under Paul McCallum's shadow. He lands in Montreal where there is really no competition meaning he finally gets to be "the guy." Then just days before camp is set to begin, his new team signs a former All-Star kicker to compete for the job. I mean, can the guy catch a break?

And what happens if DeAngelis beats out Whyte for the job? Will the Als cut Whyte after having traded a first-round pick for him? Will they keep a second kicker? This move is a noddle scratcher.

Sean just signed a four year deal with a bonus and cost a first round pick, he's not going anywhere. But I could see the Als split duties to allow Whyte to continue working on his punting for a year. They have something in mind. These guys aren't stupid.

Never tried to imply that they were. With all that they have invested in Whyte, this move seems odd.

Sure does.

Good luck to Sandro and may his record at IWS continue.

First Cobb and Now DeAngelis, Popp could make Obie look very foolish if they perform and the guys we place replaced them with don’t. I doubt it, but it’s a possibility.

Would look far more foolish if he keeps both players, hopes for the best, and does nothing to improve the team in both those areas.
Had to be done.

X2.I love when everyone on here calls for a players head, then a month after his release start questioning Obie's sanity just because someone else signed him.

I probably used the wrong choice of words, but in no way did I question Obie's sanity. I think you both understood what I meant.

I'm not saying jordan02 did this, but it does seem to be in the nature of Tiger-Cat fans to question every move the team makes and put a negative spin on it. When a player that the Cats cut gets signed, many fans come on here and talk about how he's going to burn the team when he comes back to play Hamilton. This has to be the oddest fan base in sports. In general, it seems as if Tiger-Cat fans have zero faith. Again, I want to stress that I DO NOT think that jordan02 did this. I'm not talking about him, just about some fans who seem to hate everything the team does.

It's possible that DeAngelis could have a bounce back year. It's also possible that it won't matter because Medlock will be booting 55 yarders with ease like he did a couple of years ago and we won't care what DeAngelis is doing. Point is, we don't know yet, and we won't know until teams take the field. Best part is we don't have to wait long to find out.

Absolutely but I don't mean you, I just mean in general.I'm seeing these comments everywhere.

That sums it all up doesn't it. You'll have to wait to see what happens with DeAngelis in Montreal. You'll have to wait to see how Medlock adjusts to kicking at Ivor Wynne. You certainly learned the hard way last year that success kicking elsewhere doesn't mean success in IWS. Since Medlock has only played one game in Hamilton* it's hard to know what to expect. Luckily for you guys his stats are pretty consistent with respect to indoor and outdoor games so no need to worry that he can't kick when he's got a frozen patootie. :wink:

*Just to refresh your memory, that was the game after Labour Day where Andrus thought it would be kookie to use 2 import kickers - Johnson punted and Medlock kicked. Medlock was 2 for 4. The two he made appear were 15 and 47 yarders and the two he missed were 43 and 45 yarder.

Great point, but another good thing about having an import kicker is they're nothing to replace.Dime a dozen.If (knock on wood) Medlock returns, might we see the return of one Mr.Setta?

I don't think well ever see Nick again
He was pretty Upset when he was let go

Is he interested in playing anymore. IIRC he was approached by a couple of teams in the middle of last season but wasn’t interested. I know the Bombers talked to him after Serna was released and IIRC the Riders may have called him too after Congi went down.

Demanding changes, demanding improvement but fear and second guessing when players are cut is a theme repeated over and over again.