Sandro DeAngelis

This article speaks for itself.

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Before signing with the Stamps as a free agent, DeAngelis phoned Hamilton hoping to work out for his favourite CFL team but received the cold shoulder.

To this day, DeAngelis feels slighted by the gesture and although he won't name names, the man on the other end of the line was likely Tabbies special teams coach Jerome Erdman, who took over the role in 2004.


"I wanted to be a Hamilton Tiger-Cat. Now, looking back, I thank my lucky stars that I'm a Calgary Stampeder but, at the time, it was pretty emotional for me. Seeing the coach I talked to on the phone, I thought he treated me like a 13-year-old looking for autographs when I talked to him on the phone my senior year at Nebraska. I just felt very disrespected from him.

On the other hand - why didn't Sandro attend our free agent kickers camp? Did we have one last year?

Perhaps this is where the PK search is at? :oops:

One day Sandro may have a slump and be looking for other work. Will this article help?

nope, but going at a 94% success rate as of today sure will....

Don't worry. I put him on my FSN fantasy team, so he'll start missing field goals soon enough. I have the fantastic ability to ruin players by putting them on my fantasy squad, cheering for them, or occasionally thinking about them.

And I removed DJ from my fantasy team. So you can thank me personally, Mr. Flick, if you score three touchdowns tomorrow night.

When Matt Kellet had a troubled vision in Montreal and replacement Mark Mariscal was kicking the ball anywhere but between the uprights, Sandro DeAngelis got a tryout in Montreal. He was cut because he could not do better than the other two.

Was he too nervous to get a tryout? Had Jim Popp a very rare brain cramp?

I guess coaches and GMs often pass over hidden gems without even noticing them. How many guys had the potential to be stars but never got a job in the league? We’ll never know.

I wouldn't bet on it!

I don't know where you are getting your information, but Sandro never tried out for Montreal. Calgary is the only team that gave him a look.

you might be thinking of Sandro Sciortino perhaps?

While Sandro DeAngelis has obviously done well as a field goal kicker over the past 1 1/4 years, he seems to be a "late bloomer". He only kicked 7 out of 15 field goals (46.7% accuracy) during his college career as a backup kicker at Nebraska and he did not do any punting in college. It is therefore not surprising that CFL teams were not beating a path to his door in 2004.

Well, you know what they say...

Better Late: Sandro
Than Never: YOU!

see now, that post was, while humourous, kinda unneccessary.

why take a shot at TCTD? was there a point to that when there was a perfectly good opportunity to take a jab at Boreham, or Currie, or that american kid we brought in last year? wtf mate....