Sandro DeAngelis

cost the cats the win.
canadian kicker being paid alot of money to go 2 for 5 against the stamps and cost the cats the win.

you can find any cheap kicker to go 2 for 5.

this guy isn't worth his paychecks.

the argos will eventually get medlock back and will cut thier current kicker, who the cats should sign at a fraction of sandros cost, then cut sandro....what a bum!

sandro MUST GO.

PLEASE tell me that you are being sarcastic...

Sorry about that he DID NOT cause the Team to losse It was a team effert, as well as the footlockers refs!
If you watched the game and saw the NON call for pass interference when Bruce caught the ball , and the nexted play of the kick off Calgary was going to run the ball back for a TD, it was Sandro that stop him from getting six points after everyone else on that field missed him, So it takes a TEAM to win, not one person, maybe we can blame the coach,s then for not kicking a field goal instead of going 3 and nothing on the 5 yard line, or not letting Justin kick the ball in the last play to tie the Game.
Like I said blame can go around, cant blame any 1 person on that loss!
Also the Refs have to be more acountable for there BAD calls!

i wish i was.
the guy missed 2 kicks that he SHOULD have made, that would have given the ticats a win.

he was the difference between the win and the loss.
the cats offence would put together a good long drive, but have to settle for a FG, then walk away empty handed because of sandro.

if the cats miss the playoffs by 1 game, this is all sandros fault.

yes, im being a little over the top in that last statement, but it doesnt change that sandro sucked bigtime on saturday.

the post above me is hard to read through all the spelling mistakes.... but i agree, the 3rd down gamble on the goalline woulda made a difference, but when you can't trust sandro's kick game, you gotta go for it...sandro couldnt have made that 10 yard FG the way he was playing saturday, so the coach had to go for it.

I sure hope so...

Everyone was saying we weren't going to lose games this year due to kicking, well we did lol.

cats SHOULD be 1-1....not 0-2

We should be 1-1, due to kicking and the refs, but I'm not ready to cut Sandro yet, another game like this then maybe considering his salary and what he was brought in for. Once a kicker loses his confidence you have to get rid of them, just look at Vanderjagt, I have a feeling Sandro will have too hard a time putting this game behind him considering who it was against.

OMG!! it just gets more and more ridiculous around here. IT WAS ONE GAME!!

Let's also cut Bradley for missing tackles and Glenn for throwing a few away and Bruce for dropping a couple and Hickman because he should have sacked the QB WAY more. I could go on and on....

You forgot Mann and Cobb lol

I knew I'd leave out someone. I had to. Otherwise I'd be here all day lol

By the looks of your picture you dont seem to be a Ti-Cat fan anyways, so why do you care?

i like cfl football in general, not any one team.
i attend my fair share of ticat games as well as argo games ( heck, im going to a montreal game this month ). i watch every CFL game on TSN regardless of who is playing....

i want the cats and argos to do good, since those are the teams i pay money to see most often.
and sandro pissed me off this week.

( if you read my posts on the main forum, you'd know i was pissed at eskimo receivers last week, and am again this week, for wasting valiant efforts by Ricky Ray )

cats should be 1-1.
they played an excellent game. contained a normally potent calgary offence. moved the sticks. had long sustained drives and couldnt cash in points, thanks to sandro.

If you want to cut someone, maybe you should be looking at Ray. He threw 2 ints 1 for a TD and killed any chance the Esks had of winning that game (see how that works...)

bruceIII and the kicker for future's

Why do you guys let these trolls entertain us. Bruce caught for more than 100 yds. Sandros is one of the primer kickers in the league, so lets cut him a little slack he had a bad day.

Sorry Doc, some of us have a fondness for the ridiculous and very little desire to work...

Guys Give Sandro is a break ..
It one game and From my understanding
He was out working his ass off early today
He trying to make sure it just a one game thing
Sandro is harder on him self then anyone .

Cut him some slack
Yes we are pissed about loss
Trust me everyone in the locker room is pissed about it.
But they lose as Team and win as one.

Kickers are like Golf Pro's
If the swing and follow threw is off then there off.
Plus you must get snap down and hold just Right

It not easy but Sandro has proven him self time after time
Have some faith.

No way they cut Grant Shaw.
I see them trading the rights to Medlock if he comes back to the CFL.

He had a bad game going 50%. That happens to kickers every now and then.

16 games to go. Let's see how he does the next few games.