Sandro DeAngelis tryout for Bombers

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@saraorlesky: K Sandro De Angelis is in Winnipeg and worked out for the Bombers after practice today #CFL #TSN

Maybe they are trying him out at QB. :wink:

They've signed him & word out of BomberLand is he may kick on Friday. Evidently they've had issues with Palardy's depth on kick-offs. Which to me says you expect to score on offense?!?!

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8) Latest word out of Winnipeg is that Sandro, WILL play, and do the kicking on Friday against the Cats!!
  Boy, most people on the Bomber Forum think he is a great signing, and a real improvement over Palardy   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  Obviously those experts didn't see Sandro kicking for Hamilton 3 years ago, or they have short memories.   <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->
:thup: :thup: :thup:

Nick Setta and Medlock would have been better choices for ex-TiCats K/P
Surprising that Setta never got another chance in the CFL given his records set while in Hamilton.

either way, this is a great opportunity for DeAngelis to gain some redemption.

Redemption?????? Naaaaaaaah,don't think so!!!!!!!!!!! How much lower can this B.B team go ?? First a washed-up never was at Q.B. and now they sign a cry baby,whiney,crappy,useless,hopeless,washed-up kicker as well...........yah B.B.'s............GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope your new park ain't to windy to kick in,wouldn't want to make Sandro cry now would we?????? :cry: :cry: :cry:

Last season DeAngelis had a 76% success rate with the Riders. He placed 8th in kicking points. Palardy was 5th with 86%.

I'm confused as to why they would not try to get Medlock, unless the price is too high. Perhaps, Justin is only looking at the NFL.

Meantime, not so sure DeAngelis is the answer.

8) Obviously the Bombers don't want to tie up an Import position, with a kicker, such as Medlock.
  They would rather go NI for that job. Sandros tryout with the B.B.' usual,it's not his fault!!!! :lol: Charlie Brown aka Sandro DeAngelis.....burn baby burn!!!!! :lol:

And DeAngelis won't have to "cope with the swirling winds of Ivor Wynne" this year. :smiley:

Final scene from tonight's Ti-Cat fan dream:
Sandro's field goal attempt, to win the game with no time remaining, is very wide, left .... so much so we can see Bellefeuille clapping on the sideline as the telecast fades to the SportsCentre intro.

Problem is that DeAngelis is only a placekicker, whereas Palardy can both punt and placekick. When Sandro was in Hamilton, his kicking percentage was still 76%, while Palardy was around 86%. Winnipeg had a 4-14 record in 2010 and near the bottom in most offensive categories. Not surprisingly Tiger Cat's kicker had more points than the Bombers.

8) Winnipeg's starting punter is NI Punter Mike Renaud, who is fairly decent at that job.
  Palardy does all their field goals and kick offs.

  Same situation here in Hamilton, where we also use 2 NI players, Congi and Bartel for our kicking duties.

   Also, obviously DeAngelis comes a lot cheaper than a Justin Medlock would !!    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Gotta give credit to the BBs for looking at all the possibilities to improve the team. DeAngelis was an allstar and I think he's only 32. Medlock would be a lock but I'm sure he wants to try and get on with a NFL team. He'd take up an import spot but he'd probably be worth a win or two per season. I'd sign him if possible because they need to start winning some games in that brand new stadium of theirs. Gotta feel for those fans.

An Argo-Cat fan

Sandro DeAngelis is one of the GREATEST kickers in CFL history.........Just ask him.........he'll tell you that!!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :roll: :thdn: In plain english........Sandro you Suck!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm suprised they can find a helmet to fit your swollen ego-inflated head,like this article states....he'll fit right in with the B.B.'s traveling Circus Show !!!! :twisted: :lol:

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Never mind Medlock as a Bomber kicker/punter I would rather see him play for the Tiger-Cats, Justin Medlock would be a huge improvement over Congi right now and we could keep Bartel as punter? Agreed Setta would be great elsewhere but not Medlock how about here back in Hamilton??

Even if we could get Medlock back(which I don't think is going to happen) it would make no sense what so ever to bring him back strictly as a placekicker and keep Bartel around as our punter.Medlock is sufficient at both positions,and would have to be brought in to do both f.g. and punting duties.There would be no upside to tying up 2 roster spots with 1 american and 1 canadian kicker.You either go with 1 american than can do both jobs,or split the duties between 2 canadians,or get 1 canadian that can do both.