Sandro DeAngelis still feels he has something to offer

From the Sportsnet site.....

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He says he's been working on his punting and can now do both jobs....and he is Canadian....does Obie dare bring him back?????

I know what my answer would be....what's yours???

I do not understand how Sandro can be out of the CFL. Something really dishonest going on here...

Yeah, I don't get it either. He's a kicker, not a running back. He should have years and years of quality playing time left, and he's a former all-star.

The guy missed a 17 yard FG in the East semi a 2 years back and blamed the wind all season long for his misses. Ozzy boots a 54 yarder to win in 98 in cold windy weather. Nuff said

I understand why he was released following that season. Does not take away his entire body of work.

Agreed. Maybe Hamilton wasn't the place for him. If you look back, his kicking record at Ivor Wynne was never that great: 1-3 in '05, 3-4 in '06, 1-2 in '07, 2-3 in '08 and 1-2 in '09. While it's a very small sample size, when he was with Calgary his average at Ivor Wynne was a terrible 57%. His all-time average, even factoring in his down year with the Ticats, is still close to 83%. That says more about the type of kicker he is than one bad season with the Ticats.

I think it would be smart for the Argos to bring him in, honestly. Prefontaine is no spring chicken and they traded their replacement for him, Grant Shaw, to the Eskimos as part of the Ricky Ray deal. The Argos play indoors, so the elements wouldn't play a factor in the majority of their games either. It might be the perfect place for Sandro to revive his career. He is a good kicker, and one bad season with the Ticats shouldn't taint a career's worth of excellence.

So what are you saying, his career should be based on a bad miss! Come on man, get your head out of the sand box. No one is perfect, and I'm sure you as well as myself have messed up at our jobs. He has also won a Grey Cup with Calgary or did that slip your mind.
I would welcome him back in a heartbeat! I saw his commitment he brought each and every day to practices and game days! Im sure he was more devastated also when he missed that 17yd more then us. We can go home at the end of the day and have a good sleep, I'm sure he has played that in his mind time after time!

No thats not what i said. He sucks playing here so why repeat the past is all. Look he didnt impress in Montreal or here for that matter. He had a chance to redeem himself during the playoffs and he choked. cmon even i could make a 17 yarder. He may have game left but it appears no teams care at this point

I am not sure where you heard he did not impress in Montreal. Trestman said right from the get go that it was Sean's job. My guess is that Trestman had given his word to Whyte before he signed on the dotted line of a four year deal. Sandro was all class in Montreal.

Yep, Sandro never actually played for us in 2011. He was on the 46-man squad but was always scratched prior to each game. He handled himself with class, never (to my knowledge) spoke harshly of anyone in the Als organization. He deserves a chance to catch on elsewhere.

Anybody suggesting the Cats should bring Sandro back needs to remember in addition to having Maveety, we signed Luca Congi in March. Congi missed a year due to injury, but in 2010 his longest FG was 54 yards, and he doesn't have any baggage in Hamilton. Sandro is two years older and hasn't scored a FG longer than 49 yards since 2006. I defended Sandro most of 2010, but that ship has sailed.

I never said I thought Hamilton should bring him in, only that he deserves a chance somewhere in this league.

Yea HfxTC, that is a thought to ponder for sure; could perhaps have been personal (past) wellness issues too? Anyways, Edmonton has three Punter/kickers on their roster; in one article I read the Eskies mentioned Dales and Shaw will battle it out at Training Camp. No mention of Schiavone; I wonder if Tillman has thrown his name out to other GM's with trade talks.

Are you posting a link to this practice session just for fun, or are you trying to make some sort of point?

No I posted it to remind people of his accomplishments, as to many of you only remember him missing a 17yd field goal, thats all i heard from certain people on here! Sandro would make ANY CFL team a better team, every pro has a off season, but you have to remember what he has done also!

Not this one.... at least as long as the current version of Ivor Wynne is still standing.

No I posted it to remind people of his accomplishments, as to many of you only remember him missing a 17yd field goal, thats all i heard from certain people on here! Sandro would make ANY CFL team a better team, every pro has a off season, but you have to remember what he has done also!
BINGO! I wouldn't have any problem with him being here if he comes to camp...competes and shows he's returned to form...particularly if he can handle punting duties as well. :thup:

With half the teams with kicking issues you would think he would at least be invited to a training camp. Something not right...

Maybe teams know that hes soooo full of himself and his ability to be a locker room distraction could outweigh his kicking talents? who knows? I just remember when he played for the Stamps, there seemed to be a ton of "Look at me, I must be the next coming of Jesus, I'M Sandro!!!!!!" every time he hit a fieldgoal...don't get me wrong, confidence is the best weapon any kicker could have, but maybe he went overboard.....

His quarter of a million excuses he had for every game @ Ivor Wynne in '10 might not help his cause either, and Medlock comes in and has no such issues with the phantom winds that were preventing Deangelis from recreating the magic he once had in Calgary??? I absolutely HATE excuses when it comes to missing's just the way I was brought up and coached.... 8)

Just my observation.....