SANDRO DEANGELIS...Still a Stampeder?

As far as I'm concerned, Sandro cost the Ti-Cats the game today! He missed 2 field goals he shouldn't have, one which was run back to the Hamilton 15 :thdn: and Calgary then scored a major. The score was then Calgary up by 1 instead of the cats up by 2 scores.

Sandro was weak, weak, weak. He is the goat on this one, and I hope he does better in the rest of the year. Right now, HE is the reason the Cats lost.

I was so pissed off at him today. I'm glad he's closer to his family in Ontario now, but he's got to do a better job. Period.

At least everyone in Calgary still loves him. When he & Henry Burris were laughing together after the game, that made me so damn mad!

Dude! You lost the game for your team, and you can still smile? Nice competitive edge. Really respectful to the Hamilton home crowd too.

If I was him, I would be getting the hell back to the dressing room hanging my head in shame.


You own this loss. Better find a way to come up with another 2 points real quick.

And don't forget who you play for in the future. It's not Calgary anymore. :thdn:

I got the feeling him and nik Lewis didn't like each other. His game was terrible. Maybe he will be not so kocky now

That happens after every game with players from every team. When the game is over the friendships are back on.

Yep, I see them associating after every game, and I think that’s great. I really do. It’s a small league and I’m sure players have played with someone on any given team at one point in time or another.

What really bugged me is that Sandro seemed to not be too concerned that he COST the Cats 2 points, and it was just hanging out as usual. What I saw is an acceptance of failure. That might not be how everyone sees it, but it’s what I saw.

Sandro had better take his job more seriously. The kicking game makes or breaks whether or not you win games. If the TiCats fall 2 points short of playoffs, I’ll remember this.

He’s making good money. He has got to perform.

If he kicked at least 50% yesterday, the Cats win.

Not good enough. Not even close.