Sandro Deangelas

Thank you for the comments made about our fans. We are the greatest fans not to be arrogant or anything. I have never liked you with your sprints down field after a field goal and you took the classy way out unlike your qb. If you feel your better than good but don't cry to the media like Henry.

Well, you’re right, he was classy. But I must admit it is a bit of a head scratcher how Luca, whom I think is great and a clutch kicker (outside of the 30 yard line!!), won the all star ballot. SD definitely had more grounds to complain than Henry but didn’t. :slight_smile:

Luca’s allstar position has been overturned by the league by an apparent tabulation error. DeAngelis got the nod which he deserves. However, this is another embarrassment for the league this year.

So let me understand this . . . Hank complained because he didn't get an all-star vote?

After the League handed over to him every player of the week and player of the month award possible.

How can the league be so wrong so often? Is it really that hard to properly tabulate votes? Or do they just screw up on purpose and wait for the reaction, then make an excuse to give the people what they want?

I think it's entirely possible that Luca did not win the fan balloting part of the voting either. I don't remember voting for him myself, although I admittedly only voted twice.

The whole system seems shady.

I call Bullsh!t.

Yah right! A tabulation error.