Sandro D'Angelis is an all-star after all

Luca Congi's loss is Sandro DeAngelis' gain.

Congi was named to the CFL West Division all-stars as a place kicker but his time on the squad was short lived.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders place kicker's announcement was due to an error in calculating the votes from the FRC (Football Reporters of Canada).

When the original data was reviewed, it was discovered that Calgary Stampeders' Sandro DeAngelis was the West Division's all-star place kicker

Good for him, he deserves to be there.

Something smells fishy… :lol:

Chief I agree. Spreadsheet error my ass. Who would produce a spread sheet for the public to see and not check it. All these years I thought Commissioner Hughy could pull strings it appears Pissant Tillman can do the same. :lol: :lol:

Yes, I suspect before they got another complaint from a Calgary player....they went into the back room and game out with a new result.

I heard that R. Cote saying he should have gotten some sort of award for being a media story one week and and nothing the rest of season...ending up with 115 yards total offense. He is claiming the fans stacked the ballets and demanding a recount. Saying there is no way he shouldn't have been the Western All Star for "Player Most Deserving of No Story"

... and you wont rest until Crybaby Burris gets the MOP nod as well?


Hey RW05 do you have access to this spreadsheet. I thought it was the Football writers that didn't want the results released. I don't think I ever seen these results released previously. But then again, if they did release them we would truly see how much the media had an impact on the decisions.

What are you babbling about now. The fact someone in the CFL would release information from a spreadsheet that was not checked for accuracy. Truly sad! I guess you would do that hey Mikey!

Congrats to Sandro, but how in the hell do they mess that one up?

And all you Stamps folks blamed it on the fan voting...

Well, come on... have you seen the polls on the CFL homepage? :lol:

;) Fan balloting might have tipped the scales in a really close race, but there's no way anyone should have jumped to the conclusion that's the way Congi got in.

Actually it is you who said the league released the spreadsheet with the votes not me....sorry....maybe you should read and comprehend your own posts.

Why would you have a spreadsheet other then to track your limited brain cells.

What's with all the personal attacks rw05? This isn't grade 5, use some common sense and act like an adult.

Insults, really...

Insult where?

Gimme a break.

Seriously where was the insult?

Why would you have a spreadsheet other then to track your limited brain cells.

The irony is not lost on me.