Sanders Signs with Stumps

anybody at all in backfield now who is not an FB ? :roll:

Ouch anybody but the Stamps. Hope Taman has something big in mind because as it stands right now we got slaughtered in the off season. Being from a farming background I will go with the old saying “no crop is lost in April”. Still it better start raining soon or were in for a drought. Come on Rain man do your magic.

that's too bad, jock was a good player, he made the offence really go. double threat. these guys must leave not only for a bit more money but you must admit calgary is an hour away from banff, it really must be hard to compete with that type of beautifull place to visit, as compared to here. remeber these guys are only here for a short time, most of them.???

It stinks. As a few more guys sign elsewhere it just starts to add up, and it stinks.

I was hoping Sanders would be back. And worse yet..........Huff pulls a move has him move Larry Taylor and get a bonus draft pick out of it..........and then covers his butt for a returner, Sanders. Plus Sanders gives them that extra element.

I think this just goes to show how cap unfriendly last season made us? It's apparent we have zero room to tinker.

As for returners, still have Tristan Jackson. He's only 28 and is a capable returner. We also lost Kierrie Johnson so...........there is one small receiver on the roster. He's smaller than Dressler but he might be a candidate.

We need returners. We need RB's. Now is free agent camp time down south. We'll see what they can find.

But losing Sanders is just icing on the a bad way! Yes, we got our clocked cleaned in FA......and Taman pretty well laid this out two weeks back!!!! Proof our extra cap situation is non-existent

Wow this is getting unbelievable. We better have something up our sleeves, or was this the plan to go back to a 4-14 year?