Sanders signed. Taylor Traded

Signing of Jock Sanders gives the stamps a returner RB Hybrid. where does that leave Mallet? Matt Walter will still be on the roster for teams as well as spot duty at RB.

Taylor back to Montreal where he will be the returner but also looks to be used more on the Offense

Finally!! Cya Taylor,

Don't know what anyone saw in this guy as a returner. Would break the odd one for 30 yards but other than that he sucked.

Jock Sanders is a huge loss for us! He will impress in Calgary, I'm sure of it. Very dynamic player if given the chance. Enjoy him Stamps, this one hurts big time.

...Taylor was a decent player but as the season wore on he seemed to be less and less effective, Sanders will be a great replacement and I'm sure Taman has a player not far from being announced, kick returners aren't hard to replace...

Actually, as I have mentioned in other threads, The Riders signed all Big East return specialist Matt Brown from Temple in August after being with Tampa Bay in his rookie season last year. Another Return specialist from Temple in the CFL is Tim Brown of BC Lions.
So the riders were prepared for the loss of Sanders as a returner. Brown a Hybrid player type also was a scat back RB at Temple as well but at 5'5" not sure how he will fare as the Change up RB that Sanders was successsful with to Sheets.
Acquiring NI bartell to punt in place of import Shmitt gives the Riders some room to play with the 3rd DI spot.
Should be fun to see what this kid can do in pre season

Sanders looks like he is going to be more than just a returner for Calgary. The Stamps could have the deepest game day roster of RBs with Sanders doubling as the returner and National Matt Walther also on the roster as teams player also has faired very well in spot duty as RB for Calgary.
Where does this leave Martel Mallet if he is healthy?
Will the Stamps duck him away in the 6 game or release him being on the rooster unless Cornish is seriously injured