sanchez - stegall

ok does anybody here think sanchez's comments are true at all if i recall correctly stegall got mugged earlier in the season by sanchez and got away with it because he didn't wanna go in the record books as being the 1 he beat for 138 but you know stegall has cheated his way to everything :roll:

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ok i still hae the nick name cheap shot sanchez for the useless piece of DB. and sry when stegall was going for 138 the db's would freaking water ski on his back they held him so much. he is complaining cuz he barely got to play this season. and ya i admit that stegall get away with alot like the way he grabbed cheap shot by the mask after a play and told him what he thought about him. but refs in the league are brutal either way. our defence gets none of the holding calls they should and our receivers get the interfence calls. its gotta be split down the middle. i think the sanchez should stop his cry baby ways and step up, he wants to talk trash about a man like stegall let him back it up.

Dirty Sanchez

Come on Pitts, Stegall, Simon, Lewis, Matt D have all done it. If they get bumped a little they want a flag. It is part of the game in the game. Get the Ref watching and then he might call something so the db backs off.

The truth of it is that all these recievers have likely pushed off as much as they have been held.

Sanchez saying something before the game is simple, it is to get into stegalls head.

BOO Sanchez BOO

sanchez won't get into stegalls head cuz stegall already lit him up once. he is complaining becuase without the holding he can't handel stegall.

Next to Ben Cahoon, there is no receiver in the CFL, that I respect as much as Milt Stegal. He is probably the best to have ever played in this league, and probaly the best that will ever play in this league.

He is a class act, and in my opinion, a cry baby.

What Sanchez is saying, is true. Everytime Stegal drops a pass, he throws his arms up in the air. Granted, a lot of times, the Defensive Back was all over him, but other times, it's almost as if he believes he can NEVER drop a pass.

Guys like Geroy Simon, Jason Tucker, Jason Clermont, Ben Cahoon, Jeremaine Copeland, Arland Bruce III all get obstructed, but you don't see them complain nearly as much as Milt Stegal.

Milt Stegal is still the man though. I do like the guy very much.

So, to sum up. I do agree with Davis Sanchez on this one.

iunno the lasty few he had dropped have been all his fault and i think he knows it. i just hate sanchez and have no respect for him.