Sanchez signs

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A good signing. While he takes the odd undisciplined penalty, teams tend not to throw in his area much.

Very glad to have him back.

And yes sportsmen you're right, they do tend to shy away from him, seems to me most teams tried to pick on Estelle on the other corner (and he did rather well last season too).

It is true that the less you hear during a game the name of a guy in the secondary, the means he's doing his job and teams are staying away from him (if it's man to man) or his area (if it's zone).

Now, I wonder if Mr Popp is going to have enough money in the kitty to take a run at Maurice Lloyd at MLB if the Riders don't sign him before FA?

If not, one of Winnipeg's 3 MLBs (Simpson, Moreno, Lobendahn) should become available at some point, one would think.....

The guys at MLB that would be interesting if he hits the market is Mo Lloyd in Saskatchewan. He didn't appreciate Tillman's initial offer. Anton Mackenzie and Sean Lucas may also hit FA out of Saskatchewan. Lucas is a tweener like our other LB's but Mackenzie and especialy Lloyd would be a perfect fit up the middle. Looks like Richie Hall will end up in Edmonton,Toronto or Hamilton. So I think it will be a while before any of the Rider FA's make a decision on where they go.

Mayrice Lloyd sure seems to be in a lot of FA signing rumours. I've geard BC has an interest as well. With Winnipeg, you never know who Taman is going to give away (Ah yes Geroy Simon, can't thank him enough). I thought the Als were already strong at Linebacker.

Yes we are fairly strong at LB generally speaking, but none of Hunt, Ferri, Hill, nor the backup Taylor, are natural MLBs.

I'm glad to have Sanchez back. He's a good player, a ratio-breaker, and someone has to mentor our young secondary. Now, if we can just learn how to play press coverage and be aggressive on the ball instead of sitting back in zone and letting teams complete every catch underneath, we should be just fine. :wink: