Sanchez is so overrated...

Don't you find? All I hear is how he's the best in the defensive backfield, and yet, he's always getting beat or drawing penalties. Even when he does a stop, he looks like he's interfering.

Our DBs hasn't been the same since the departure of Barron Miles. :cry:

I still say he's the best d-back for the Als. Unfortunately, these days, that's like being the best hockey player in Guatemala. It don't mean much.

Why did u ever trade Kelly Malveaux away he was very solid and still is for the blue bombers??

Matthews goes thru DB's faster than a box of timbits :stuck_out_tongue:

remember when he basically blew the grey cup a few years back by starting those rookies :lol:

Kelly Malveaux was the most inconsistent DB we ever had. Everytime the ball was thrown his direction, I was holding my breth. I am glad he is gone. Kent, Cox and Brightful are better than him. And even Crutchfield plays better this year thn last season.

Good riddance overpaid and overrated Malveaux !

Hey.. I'll trade ya Reggie Durden for Sanchez! :wink: lol

Thanks for Miles...we appreciate it.

Durden is available, except he tends to take a few Pass interference calls too!

Thanks again for Miles!

Malveaux was terrible on the nerves of any Als fan. Some days he was great, some days absolutely atrocious. He'd make a brilliant coverage knockdown on one play, then get beaten for a big gain by about two steps on the next. Third's right: Kent, Cox, and Brightful are much steadier. And after the pasting Calgary gave Winnipeg last night, it's not like Malveaux's stock is very high right now.

Totally agreed....Kent Cox and Brightful are keepers. With Kent, Cox, and Bell as our HBs, we don't need Malveaux.

As for Durden, I think Edmonton is playing him out of position; Durden was our best shutdown HB last year; Edmonton playing him out on the corner is a mistake; round peg in a square hole.

Sanchez is still a good DB. Every player at every position has a bad game or two and playing the corner is not an easy thing to do (little or no support). I'm sure that his mother's battle with cancer is also having some effect on his ability/concentration. But regardless of how good your DBs are, they will inevitably be beaten by a smart quarterback who has suffient time to pass as well as time for receivers to run their routes. We need more pressure up front and better, more consistent performance from Karikari at safety (he has been the biggest disappointment back there)

Bringing Durden back wouldn't be a bad idea - it might help relieve some of the pressure off of Kent and Cox while they still learn the game. They have great potential but just aren't there yet.

As for 'hwgill' and 'sportsmen' out in B.C., feel free to tell Wally that Montreal will happily take Miles back. I'll personally send out a case of Montreal style bagels and smoke meat if that is of any incentive! :slight_smile: