Samuels Released By Bombers- Ticats Interested?

According to this report in the Winnipeg Free Press, defensive back Stanford Samuels was released by the Bombers this afternoon. It speculates that the Ticats would be a leading candidate for his services due to his prior connection with new Ticat defensive coordinator Greg Marshall:

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This guy is definetely worth a look, he is very young and hits very hard, exactly what we need is a hard hitter.

I've always liked Samuels and wished we would have signed him a couple years ago but I would love to see Samuels in Hamilton. He is a great young talent that hits harder than anyone in the league for his size.

I would be very happy to see him in black and gold. Even though he played his college ball for the hated Seminoles! :stuck_out_tongue: ... Go Hurricanes Go!

But do we need him with Gordon and Bradley starting at the corners? They are already pretty good, IMO.

And Samuels probably won't want a backup job/backup $.

Zematis would beet out Gordon anyways.
Fresh slate with the new defensive coaches!

SS is a half back, but plays most anywhere.

I hate to lose the guy, but he was due a bonus Feb 15 and coming off knee surgery in the off season. Bombers didn’t want to take the risk with the cap space.

This move had nothing to do with his play and was all about the risk of his injured knee.

I hope we haven't erred here....Samuels is a damn good db......I believe Kelly has someone in mind ,via free agency or the trade route to fill his spot...orrr we could have a problem


If we signed Samuels there is no way he would be backing up Gordon IMO. Stanford Samuels is a very valuable player because he is comfortable playing corner and halfback so if we had an injury(God Forbid) in our secondary we would have amazing depth.

He's a solid player and his versatility is an added bonus.

If Hamilton wants this guy they better decide before someone else scoops him up. In Saturdays Free Press ( link) the Bombers have told Samuels to sit tight as they may end up needing him sometime during the season.